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    embedded tick diagnosis

    How should I code an embedded tick? I'm thinking both superficial foreign body and insect bite. Especially if the tick has to be removed by incision-wouldn't I need to the foreign body diagnosis to support the procedure?
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    Can you count the chief complaint as an HPI element?

    Hello, my boss and I are in disagreement about this. I do not believe you can use the CC as an HPI element as she is telling me I can. Who is right? If I am right, do you know where I can find documentation to support this? Thank you!
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    ICD10 Proficiency Assessment

    I took it on Friday. I never got an email with my password. I called AAPC and they gave me a password over the phone.
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    MDM-self limited or new problem in an Urgent Care?

    Thank you for your response.
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    MDM-self limited or new problem in an Urgent Care?

    I work in an Urgent Care so 99% of our patients are presenting with a new problem. I am having trouble deciding what should be considered a self limited problem versus a new problem. A lot of our visits could fall under both catergories. If we are giving a prescription but not doing any labs or...
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    Wiki Allergic reaction caused by insect bite - ICD-10 Code for Solar urticaria

    What is the correct way to code a pt diagnosed with allergic reaction to insect bite? Would you use just use 995.3 and E906.4, or also add the insect superficial injury code? I am asking specifically for insects (mosquitos and ticks), not for bees, wasps, and hornets.