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    Z51.11/Z51.12 question

    I have only been coding oncology for a year and a half and have a lot of questions myself. Just to give you feedback, I always report the Z codes w/ the treatment charges as well. I did question if it should be attached to the E/M service, my supervisor said it should and I do, but I'm still...
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    Question Port Flush w/ Lab

    Is a modifier needed when you bill a Port Flush (96523) w/ labs?
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    J0885 Questions

    I use the anemia dx code, add EA or EC modifier to the drug and also include a note with the HGB/HCT lab values.
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    z51.11 vs z51.12

    f First time to ask a question on the forum,Thank you.
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    z51.11 vs z51.12

    Patient is receiving chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Is your primary code z51.11 or z51.12 or do you use both?