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    Question 99212 OR 99213 follow up fracture care

    Thank you Debra I would code the 99212 also. The doctors are looking for level 3 coding, so just checking my coding.
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    Question 99212 OR 99213 follow up fracture care

    Would like to have this office visit "audited" by another coder on the e/m visit code. CC: Left Elbow Fracture DOI 10-14-2019 HPI: X-rays performed in house No complaints. He is here with his father MEDICAL HISTORY: Denies MEDICATIONS; None ALLERGIES; NKDA VITALS [ALL...
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    Question Physeal Sparing ACL Reconstruction

    Patient had Arthroscopy, and ACL Reconstruction. Dr. did a "physeal sparing" and wants to know if there is a CPT code for this part of the procedure or is it included in the 29888? First time I have come across this, so need some guidance. Thanks CW
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    Question Assist at Surgery Modifer Order

    I am unsure of the correct modifier position on procedure 29826, whether the AS should be first position, or 59 is correct ? This is a PA assisting on the surgery. CPT 23412-AS-LT CPT 29823-AS-LT CPT 29826-59-AS-LT Appreciate any and all responses, CW
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    Bone Grafting tibial and femoral tunnels knee, failed ACL

    Procedures Performed Arthroscopy Debridement ACL Graft Removal Tibial Button Bone Grafting Tibial and Femoral Tunnels knee Portion of op note reads as follows: ACL was completely absent in mid aspect. Remaining soft tissue was debrided along tibia. Tibial tunnel was found to be anterior...
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    New VS Established Question

    I am still questioning whether we have to bill an established patient visit [orthopedic office] for a patient that saw a Podiatrist prior to seeing our Orthopedic doctor. The Podiatrist has just moved his practice into our Orthopedic Suite, and I billed a new patient visit for a patient who had...
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    97760 orthotic training

    Can anyone answer my earlier question regarding an orthopedic office billing 97760. I have been using this code, and making sure I have a diagnosis for the "fitting and training of an orthopedic supply". Would appreciate any and all responses. Thank you
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    Question Proximal Humeral Fracture Dislocation

    Title of Procedure: Attempted Closed, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation Proximal Humeral Fracture Dislocation Post op Diagnosis: Posterior fracture Dislocation, Left Shoulder Looking at CPT 23615 for this surgical case. Operative note extensive, so did not provide. Questions concerning...
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    non-verbal icd-10 code

    I also would like to know if there is an icd10 code for non-speaking English patients. A family member or friend is with the patient to translate, but would like to be able to add this diagnosis to claim .
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    Metacarpal fractures

    Patient had displaced fifth metacarpal fracture and a third metacarpal fracture. Fifth metacarpal fracture was manipulated in office. Third metacarpal was not manipulated. My posting would be 26605 for the fifth metacarpal fracture. For third metacarpal I will code 26600-59. Am I correct in this...
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    99212 or 99213

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    99212 or 99213

    Need a refresher and would like someone to audit this visit for a patient that returns for follow up of her left knee pain and MRI results CC: MRI results of Left Knee HPI: Orthopedics Patient comes in for follow up of the left knee. She has no problems and is fully functional. She is...
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    Knee arthroscopy

    Arthroscopy knee Thank you for your response. I actually didn't think I could do 29876, and know that I don't bill chondroplasties with the meniscectomies. Just like to check myself every now and then. Maybe one of these days we will be able to bill the chondroplasties [29877] with the...