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    Lactation Consultant

    Do any pediatric practices have an lactation consultant on staff to meet with Moms and newborns? If you do, who does this, an RN, NP, or PA, and how to do you code for this? Thanks for any help. Cynthia Robinson
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    Lactation Consultant

    Do any of the pediatric practices have a lactation consultant on staff? If you do, who does the visit, an RN, NP, or PA, and if so what CPT code do you use? Thanks for your help Cynthia Robinson
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    Psychiatric Coding

    If a clinical social worker sees a patient, and charges 90832 but before the social worker sees the patient, a physician in the medical practice sees the patient also and charges an E&M code can they both be reimbursed for these respective codes? C. Robinson, CPC
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    Upper GI Endoscopy

    I am working with a GI practice, and the physician will do a 43235, and then a 43248. My understanding is that the 43248 includes the 43235. Can someone that does GI coding please confirm or deny that. Thanks C. Robinson
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    Nasal suction

    Thank you so much, your answer and the article was just what I needed. Thanks again Cynthia
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    Nasal suction

    Can someone help me with a coding question? I have a pediatric practice that did a deep suction of a patient's nasal pharynx. The reason for this was that the child could not breathe through their nose and they could not even get a saline wash to go through the nasal cavity. What code would...
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    Help with Home Nursing

    I desperately need to talk with someone and ask some questions about home health care agencies and billing. Please respond. My email address is Thanks
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    Hearing Aids

    Thank you for your response, also some practices are making every patient sign a waiver that they will process the insurance as a courtesy, but expect payment in full in advance of receiving hearing aids and then will refund the patient if there is an overpayment. Any ideas on this. Some...
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    Hearing Aids

    I have a question for ENT groups that have audiologist employed and dispense hearing aids. We have seen a lot lately regarding one charge for the hearing aid and include the assessment and fitting, etc in that one charge, and now it has been suggested to unbundle the charges and charge...
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    Meaningful use for Dermatology

    Can anyone tell me what qualifying measures they are using for dermatology practices? C Robinson
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    Charging for demonstrating exercises

    I have a practice that I work with, that is an ortho group and they have an athletic trainer meet with the patient when they are in the office for an office visit, and after they have seen the physician on the same day, the trainer instructs the patient with exercises that the patient can do at...
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    Hipaa Privacy Policies

    I have a flyer from the AAPC "ICD-10 will change Everything". On this it tells what the physicians office must do, what the lab must do, what billing must do etc. It states on here waiting room/front desk, and that HIPAA policies must be revised and patients will have to sign all new forms...
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    Examples of progress notes/office visits

    I am working with a hematology/oncology physician and we have looked at multiple progress notes/office visit notes, and the physician has not found one that they feel comfortable with. If anyone could share an example, I would greatly appreciate it. We have also been looking a medical history...
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    MDM for Oncology

    I am working with a single hematology/oncology physician, and she needs a lot of help with her documentation. She is using paper charts, and I have given her maybe 8 or more problem visit examples to help her with her documentation, but we have not found one that she likes. If anyone can send...
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    Time limits on completing documentation of E&M codes

    Rebecca, You are the greatest, thanks. Cynthia