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    Behavioral health billing and coding

    90832-90838 Therapy codes, 90870 ECT, 90875-90876, 90838-90840 Crisis intervention, 90868 & 90869 TMS, 99492, 99493, 99494 Collaborative care. These are the main ones I use daily as well as any E&M code for medication management. Some Medicaid plans require modifiers like HO & AH. these are used...
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    Psychiatric Services Audit Tool

    audit tool You can find an audit sheet for Pysch outpatient visits at E&M University. com. It is a website for physicians to educate them on E&M coding but you can get a copy of the audit sheet there.
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    New CPT codes for psychiatric collaborative care services

    new/old codes for psychiatric collaborative care denials I have 2 practices (one Family Medicine and one Internal Medicine) that provide these services. The G0502 and G0503 codes were paid by Medicare when the billing provider was an MD and the rendering provider was an LPC. Medicare prefers...
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    Professional services for POS 52 partial hospitalization

    czaniewski I am having the same problem with partial hospitalization codes. I also need to know what code to use for PHP discharge. 99238 and 99239 do not get paid by UBH and some Blue Cross plans because they are for inpatient and we are billing the 52 outpatient location. More and more of our...
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    ob patient er visit vs observation

    note states physician admitted to labor and delivery triage
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    ob patient er visit vs observation

    I need to know the correct procedures for sending an OB patient to the hospital for complications for observation and nst. Our physicians use the ER codes 99282 or 99283 for the visit. Is this correct procedure or should they be using hospital observation codes 99218,99219 or 99220 depending on...