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    I did find some additional information and it appears that 31575 covers it! Just doesn't look like it reimburses well for a FP dr! So unsure if he will pursue! Thank you for your suggestions!
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    We have a family practice doctor that has been trained in this procedure and is interested in implementing it but is curious about reimbursements to see if it is worth it. Problem is, I can't figure out a CPT code for it. There are endoscopy codes, but for each anatomical area and surely that...
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    Behavior Health Audit Tool

    Please email me the info also... I appreciate it tremendously!!!
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    Let's start a pysch coding email group!

    HI! I am just starting with coding this particular area...and the person is actually a clinical social worker. Any type of help with how to do the coding for this would be greatly appreciated, tips and where to start, anything..haha. I am reading MCR guidelines etc, but mostly for psych...
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    Let's start a pysch coding email group!

    Yes please add me to this list also. I am just now starting to code mental health and will need all the assistance I can get!!! :confused::confused::confused:
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    E/M & PT coding

    I have just started with PT coding. Do we code the E/M charge along with the 97001? MCR doesn't pay the E/M code but wondering if the 97001 is bascially the "E/M" code for PT and thus that's all the needs to be done. And if so, does the 97001 need a modifier if therapy was done or just the...