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    Plantar diabetic wound

    I have a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, type 2.
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    DM with other specified manifestations

    If you have DM and the Dr indicates the patient has an ulcer or hypoglycemia but does not link the conditions...should you code to 250.80 since it is inherent? Please help!
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    Bladder Cancer?

    I realize they still have bladder cancer but you are billing for the benign tumor biopsy? Not the fulgaration 3 months prior....I guess what I am saying is I totally agree with you. You could put the bladder cancer dx as a 2nd, 3rd or 4th dx since it is not related to this visit.
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    Bladder Cancer?

    I would use benign bladder tumor with a hx of bladder cancer to bill for the benign tumor biopsy.
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    Abnormal Breath Sounds

    I looked under abnormal breathing behavior and was directed to see Respiration. Under Respiration, Insuffiency, Newborn NEC = 770.89.
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    billing for Medicare of Colorado

    Was MAC anesthesia used? They need a medical necessity code. If you don't have one, find out if propofol was used and bill with V58.83 as the secondary DX. I would bill as follows: 562.10 V58.83 V16.0 V12.72
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    What to charge for a failed delivery

    We bill with the same codes in our office. Darlene Musser, CPC, CANPC
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    Anesthesia for a blood patch

    I agree with CindyT.
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    CANPC Exam - E&M auditing

    Apparently there are several different exams they admisiter. The test I took had a lot of cardiac cases which were difficult for me. About 5 E&M questions. You will need your CPT and crosswalk. You cannot determine the correct CPT code without the crosswalk. Another person in our company...
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    What is anesthesia code for a exploratory laparotomy?

    00790 for upper abdomen or 00840 for lower abdomen
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    Thanks Cindy. Didn't have time to tell you but I think the nose job is fabulous! Once you get...

    Thanks Cindy. Didn't have time to tell you but I think the nose job is fabulous! Once you get your under eyes done you will look 15 years younger! Go girl! Can't wait for the trip to Cancun
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    Labor --> C-Section for CRNA

    01968-QX. The Anesthesiologist and the CRNA would bill with the same ASA codes. 01961 indicates only a C-section was performed and as indicated this is not the case.