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    Does anyone know the appropriate ICD 10 code for this? I've been told the M89.371 or M89.372 would be more suitable than M25.00. Thank you.
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    11719 vs. 11721

    Hello there, I am curious if we have a patient that has neuropathy but non fungal toenails are we able to bill a 11721 or would we need to bill the 11719? I ask this due to the LCD on Medicare it does not directly come out and say that we must use the diagnosis B35.1. Please any advise...
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    Mod 51 billing

    Has anyone heard of not being able to bill modifier 51 on CPT code 11721 before? In conjunction with procedure 11055-11057 as well as 11750?
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    Skin substitute graft application

    Skin Graft Product Samples Hey there, I am curious as skin grafting is new to our clinic, are we legally able to bill for the application/product for a skin graft sub if the product was provided to us as a sample? Thank you
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    HealthFirst Financial

    Hello everyone, I work for a small private practice and am looking into expanding our payment options for our patients. I came across this company today and am wondering if anyone has used them or if you've heard of them at all? Please if so let me know the good and the bad. Just want to make...
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    Wiki Bilateral ICD 10 codes

    Thank you, just making sure I wasn't missing something.
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    Wiki Bilateral ICD 10 codes

    Hey everyone, just out of curiosity what are you using for bilateral foot pain and bilateral metatarsalgia? I know the specificity is for example M79.671 for the right foot and M79.672 for the left on the pain diagnosis, however does anyone know of the bilateral code as it is not listed in the...
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    ASC DME Reimbursement

    Hello everyone, I am just curious. Anyone working in an ASC that is getting reimbursed for DME(Implants,etc) from Medicare, etc?