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  • hi thomasreddi!

    Check out the specialty coding information on this website. I recieved my CCC in 2008 and AAPC offered a study guide. This year they have an online practicum which I strongly suggest doing. In 2008 the exam was 75 questions and it took me about 2 1/2 hrs to complete. I spent another 45 minutes going over my answers for corrections. In 2009 the exam is 150 questions and will take 5 1/2 hrs to complete. It took me close to 2yrs to prepare for the CCC. I spent alot of time reading reports, researching and attending seminars on EP studies, ablations, interventional cardiology. I spent about 6 wks studying for the exam itself. You will need to know diseases, cardiac anatomy and of course terminology.

    I hope this has answered some of your questions,
    Hi deeva456,

    I got my cpc certification recently. . Iam very much intrested in ccc. Please suggest me the guide to be used to prepare for ccc.

    HI Roxanne,

    Sounds like you are being offered a great opportunity. When I went on my first interview, I was very nervous and thought everyone knew more than I did. I soon realized everyone in our dept has something to contribute and it helps to have other people to discuss things with. The head of our compliance dept agrees that not everyone will have the correct answer every time and it is ok to tell the doctor "I don't know" then tell him/her that it will be researched and we will get back to them. It' impossible to remember all the coding rules all the time...lol thank you for the compliment, I love cardiology, cardiothoracic seems sooo much harder.

    Have a good day,

    Thanks for sharing with me... I guess I am just a little anxious about the compliance side, I've been told briefly that if I was chosen for the position that it consists of knowing how to interpret the coding rules/ guidelines for particular topics and then educating the physicians on it. I have been to a few of the "coding sessions" with my employer and that is basically what she does. I know there would be auditing, Im just wondering if they would specialize. My employer has family practice, peds, ent, surgeons, internist , cardiologist, a diagnostic center and a lab and soon to come a neurologist... I guess I'm nervous because I am not well versed in every speciality but that would come in time and so would the experience.

    Thank you again for sharing... and to let you know I think cardiology and cardiothoracic are the hardests specialties to work in.. so kudos to you.

    Keep in touch.


    Honestly, I was just very lucky that I landed in this position. I have worked for a private cardiology practice for 17 yrs; we had 20 doctors and 5 office locations. Our office was recently acquired by a larger medical corporation. Prior to becoming part of this corporation, I was coding for our practice for about 2 years. Prior to that I was supervising the other billers, did billing for 15 yrs and was also the credentialing secretary. Because I had knowledge of cardiology coding and I have worked with all the doctors I was offered this position. My main focus is helping the doctors with the transition and physician education. I am currenlty working with a few doctors to improve their documentation. You already meet one of the requirements, you have a CPC. I would look into obtaining another certification, such as E/M. I recently received my cardiology certification. The more certifications, the better!

    I hope this has answered some of your questions.

    Hi there,

    I noticed your a Compliance Officer... and that is where I want to be headed towards. Would you be willing to give any tips/advice on becoming part of that world. I am currently a billing supervisor for a Family practice, Peds office. I do alot of e/m audits but not too much coding because our office only does skin procedures along with e/m. I've been certified for 4 years now and I am hungry to learn more about the compliance side of things.

    Thanks in advance.

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