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    Nurse visits and continuous glucose monitoring

    Hello, When billing for continuous glucose management, 92951 are you also able to bill a nurse visit, 99211 on same day? Thank you!
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    Resection of tumor

    Hello, One of my surgeons is performing a procedure for resection of right atrial and SVC tumor on bypass. Would you use 33120 for the resection of the right atrial tumor and unlisted for the SVC tumor? Thank you for your help!
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    Question Cath modifier

    I don't believe you can bill an assist for an atherectomy code. You would need to check on the physician fee schedule to double check.
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    SC joint reconstruction with allograft

    One of my surgeons is performing Sternoclavicular joint reconstruction with allograft tendon and I am looking at 21740. Can someone tell me if I am looking in the right direction? Thank you!
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    Coding Cardiothoracic help

    I was new to this area also about 3 years ago. I reached out locally for sources and to see if I could job shadow a CT surgery coder. Dr. Z has a CT surgery resource that is helpful and I would advise to at least get this.
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    Pap done at the time of AWV

    Can someone tell me if a pap and pelvic is allowed at the time of a Medicare AWV?
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    Billing for influenza A and B

    Hello, If we perform influenza A & B in the clinic and it gets sent for culture, can we still bill for the flu test in the clinic?
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    Influenza test

    If influenza A&B were performed in the clinic and then gets sent for culture, does anyone know if we can still bill for the tests performed in the clinic?
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    resident performing PE

    Can a resident perform a PE and discuss this with the teaching physician in the clinic or does the teaching physician have to be physically present during the entire PE?
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    Holter monitor insert in clinic setting

    Can anyone tell me if the Holter monitor insert, 33282, can be performed in the clinic setting? We are currently performing these in the hospital, but one of my providers wants to start doing these in the clinic. Thank you!
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    billing holter monitors

    CMS states it should be billed on the date of the interp. I support a large cardiology practice and this is how we are billing these.
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    Billing DME at time of diagnostic spirometry

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if the DME at the time of diagnostic spirometry is a billable service? HCPCS code S8100 billing along with 94060. Thank you!
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    Billing Radiation Therapy Codes 77301 and 77014

    Thank you for this info! We are also getting denials not only from Aetna but also United Healthcare! I will appeal these and hope they get paid!
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    Anesthesia for c-section and tubal

    Hello, I am new to anesthesia coding and need to know how to code when a patient has a C-section and tubal at the same session. I have a denial from a payer as we used the sterilization ICD10 code and they want the matching CPT code. I see that 01961 says cesarean delivery only. Do we bill...
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    upgrade from single chamber ICD to dual chamber ICD

    Just need to confirm that I am correct. My provider removed a single chamber ICD and inserted a dual chamber ICD and also a new lead. Would we use the combined removal and replace code of 33263? Would we also bill for the addition of the new lead? Thank you! Denise