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    HCC Drop Tables

    Does anyone have a link they could share where I can find the Disease Hierarchy spreadsheet showing which HCC catagory trumps another? For example, it shows catagory 8 is higher than 9 so 9 would be dropped. Thanks!
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    Referrals for screenings

    If the PCP is referring the patient out for a screening (i.e., mammo) and the patient does not have any symptoms (it's just for a regular screening), what Dx would you use? We can't use V70.0 because the patient is in for a follow-up visit nor the V76.1x codes because that's for the actual...
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    Thanks for the insights!
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    250.70, 443.81, 443.9

    Has anyone seen where the doctor will assess that the patient has DM II w/ peripheral angiopathy and separately assess PVD, coding all 3 with 250.70, 443.81 and 443.9? Thoughts/comments? Thanks!
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    Cardiology training

    Hello, Does anyone know of where I could learn cardiology coding? Any courses, training materials, books, etc. Looking for something that would teach the basics to the advanced...a step-by-step education for someone new to the specialty. Thanks!
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    Hi Coders, I am wondering what other's thoughts are on the new CIC certification? I also wonder if it's comparable to RHIT and would offer the same job opportunities...any thoughts/comments? Thanks! Donna
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    code for skype session

    Not sure if it falls within the parameters, but you may want to research Telepsych guidelines.
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    Psychotherapy & E/M on same date, different providers

    I agree. If they are billing under the same TIN, they are considered one so they should be combining the services & using the add-on code. You may be able to dig around & find something in writting on the CMS site.
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    Provider Credentialing for Behavioral Health/Mental Health

    You shouldn't have to wait. You should be able to submit all your app's at the same time. Usually the various insurers credentialing committees meet at different times so you'll want to get them in as soon as you can. I know there is a certification you an get for credentialing through another...
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    New to Bahavioral Health, Setting up Fees

    You may want to take a look at Medicare's fee schedule for the codes you'll be using & set-up your fee at 200% of that.
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    Billing Family therapy, family members are both beneficiaries

    Just a thought, if he does 2 visits (2 separate notes), each visit focusing on 1 of the siblings, he may be able to bill 90847 for each on a separate claim.
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    Resource for Psych coding

    Hi, I've found that the Behavioral Health Services Coding and Payment Guide book from Optum is helpful.
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    Medically Unlikely Edits Archive

    Does anyone know where I can find the old Excel spreadsheets for MUE's? I am looking for 2010 & 2011 (needing to see UOS). Thanks!
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    CPT restricted to certain POS codes

    Suzanne, thank you for the reply. I had seen that article. I am hoping someone will have something more specific that breaks down the restrictions by CPT/POS.
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    CPT restricted to certain POS codes

    We are being denied for invalid POS for 61070; does anyone know where I can find a listing that shows what POS codes are allowed with this CPT? The payer does not have a listing for us & just stated they use Encoder. I tried searching CMS but had no luck. We are hoping someone knows of a...