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    17003 Excessive Units

    17003 Excessive units You need to appeal this and they need to be able to read the CPT book because it specifically says, each and if you look at the net code it does not say each.
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    stress test

    Stress Test If done in the hopsital I bill 78452-25, 93016 adn 93018 with no modifiers. I have been billing Cardiology for over 25 yrs. The 93016 is the physicain supervision without interp and report and the 93018 is interp and report only. Also you have to make sure that either the...
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    Device Interrogations-in person and remote

    The new CPT codes specift up to 30 days and up to 90 days. Does anyone have any clarification about how the dates have to be billed. Our patients will do the remote check on Sundays but our techs do nto print out the report until Thursday. Does anyone know guidelines on which date should be...
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    Methacholine Challenge Tests

    Does anyone have any helpful resources for this. We have a new pulmonologist and he wants to start doing these in the lab. I have not seen much that has been helpful. Thanks Deb Hadley
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    Does anyone know of a diagnosis code for generator replacement when it is at end of life. I thought I read somewhere about a code that was not considered malfunctioning, but cannot seem to find the article anywhere. Debbie