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    Diagnosis order for colonoscopy w/history of polyps

    I know this is the age old question, yet the more research my staff does the more confused it becomes... Since I am in Administration I am looking to our coding community for assistance 1. What is the correct diagnosis order for a Pt who had a polypectomy 5 yrs ago and returning for another...
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    Hep A/B vaccines

    Injections Use Administration codes 90471-90472 Hepatitis A 90632 Hepatitis B 90746 Hepatitis A&B (Twinex?) 90636
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    Add On Codes In Pain Management

    I have been asked this question- When an ASC is used for CPT Codes 64475-rt/lt, 64476-rt/lt the carriers are paying 100%, 50%, 50%, 50%. The coder is stating multiple rules do not apply to add on codes. She feels the claim should be paid as follows: 64475 rt 100% 64475 lt 50% 64476 rt 100%...
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    Colonoscopy with snare 45385 bx 45380 -59 upper 43235 (or 43239) etc. no modifier You can only bill these codes once regardless of how many polyps were removed. It is once per technique used. Hope this helps. Donna
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    Screening vs procedure

    On the ASC (facility) side, we always list the findings primary, as it is the most specific dx. relating to the procedure performed. I know many other ASC's do this as well, but on the Physician side and also Hospital side, they code the screening primary.
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    Dialysis graft or shunt

    Hello I have been asked if Medicare covers a dialysis graft or shunt. Any feedback is appreciated.:)
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    Hello, I have been asked to find out if an ACL is an implant or supply. Any feedback is appreciated.:)
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    dialysis graft or shunt

    Hello, I have been asked to find out if Medicare will cover a dialysis graft or shunt. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    CMS Final Rule

    So, how do all of you feel about the CMS final rule??.... It certainly is not what we all hoped for- especially in pain management and GI areas... This will hurt the single specialty ASC's the most. Let me know your thoughts...
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    Do you code tonsillectomies bilaterally ?
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    Implant billing

    We submit with L8699 and send in invoice, opnote. Many of our contracts work off of Medicare's- we have it in the contracts we will get reimbursed for IMPLANTS, but things like kwires, screw, plates are not considered implants per Medicare's definition- therefore, no pay. We do not have a DME...
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    Implant billing

    My ASC has always had trouble getting paid for implants.. One problem I am faced with is that it is my understanding Medicare's definition of an implant is a device that replaces a body part. ex- prosthetic hip /knee .... Our payer contracts include the "words" implant reimbursement at a...
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    Forums by Specialty

    Asc How about ASC ? Not all coders work for physicians, and facitility coders need a place to go as well !! thanks:)
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    Integumentary Coding Question

    first code the closure, then lesionwith -51.
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    ASC Coding 101

    Asc 101 Hi, I have been an ASC coder for 7 years- if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me- 203-288-2555 Donna SanGiovanni CPC, CHI Founder/President Hamden,CT Chapter 20307