• I would code 61635, intravascular/intrancranial stent placement. The code includes all catheter placements and radiology images as well as pressures.
    Difficult IR case:

    RT ICA 36217
    LT ICA 36216
    W/ 75671-26
    LT INT JUG vein
    36012 75680-26
    LT TSV Sinus
    36012 75870-26

    Full detail S&I images
    Vessel Tx:
    LT TSV / Sigmoid sinuses

    Vascular access was gained by single-wall puncture of the LT FV & RT CFA. Verapamil 10 mg IA were infused in the cervical RICA due to catheter-induced spasm. Venous pressures were obtained in the LT CFV. Cordis could not be tracked into the LT sigmoid sinus due to stiffness, therefore it was removed and the 6f short sheath exchanged for 6f 90 cm Cook shuttle, the tip which was situated in the LT Jugular bulb. An SL-10 microcatheter and Synchro2 Standard was insufficient for venous pressure measurement. SS catheterzation of the LT TSV was the performed & venous manometry performed at multiple locations in the LT TSV & Sigmoid sinuses. Due to a large pressure gradient (34 mm Hg) across the LT TSV stenosis.

    [end of Part 1

    Hello Dpeopels

    Part 2

    B]A 9 x40 mm Protege GPS stent was tracked into the LT TSV and centered over the stenosis. [/B] A F/U control angiogram done. Post-stenting venous pressure were obtained in the LT TSV and Sigmoid sinuses. Checked IR manual & can't find the CPTcode for the Stent placment.The venous manometry pressure is included in the Stent code. ??

    Baseline / Post Stenting venous manometry:
    Proximal LT Trans sinus 47 mm Hg
    Distal LT Trans sinus 15 mm Hg
    LT Sigmoid sinus 13 mm Hg

    For Stenting of LT Transverse vein & Sigmoid sinuse
    37205 75960??

    Plz review & I would appreicate your comments.

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