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    Medial Branch Blocks--HELP

    Kathy, I would use CPT codes 64493 & 64494.
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    64483-77003 and 72275 troubles

    Flouro guidance is included in 64483.
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    Hand surgery question

    If the digit contained soft tissue only then yes, use 11200; if it contained soft tissue and bone I would use 26587.
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    How to code for this procedure?? HELP

    It sounds like an open distal clavicle excision 23130, and an arthroscopic DCE 29826.
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    Radiofrequency Ablation(RFA)

    Yes, the codes are 64633-64636 for spine.
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    cpc exam - doing pretty good

    Pay careful attention to the questions, they can give you clues to help select the correct answer. Such as if the question mentions that patient X is a patient of Dr. A but for some reason has to see Dr. B on this visit, then you know the patient is established and you can exclude any new...
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    Excision of Gouty Tophi-Elbow

    If the joint capsule is not opened (incised) it's not an arthrotomy; coding this will depend on the approach.
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    Extreme rookie at spine coding

    I agree that more info is needed but from what you posted it appears to be a decompression for stenosis which would be 63047 & 63048.
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    Core decompression

    That would depend on the description of the procedure; was it for the hip or knee? Can you post a portion of the note?
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    Arthroscopy with subcromial decompression

    I agree with kc-george, 29827 was not performed and shouldn't be billed; the patient had a subacromial decompression and since 29826 is an add-on code for 2012 I believe the recommendation is to bill an unlisted procedure code.
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    Need help coding a procedure

    Review CPT 64626, this may fit your needs.
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    modifier for procedure after surgery?

    I would say modiifer 78 if he was returned to the OR for this; since it was not planned or staged for the patient to develop an effusion I would not use modifier 58.
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    Medial cruciate ligament repair

    Was the repair open or arthroscopic?
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    Chevron Type Bunionettectomies

    I am by no means an expert on feet (I hate coding for it) but maybe take a look at 28296.
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    IP Fusion of the Left Great Toe - CPT 28285?

    Take a look at CPT code 28755, this code is for an IP joint arthrodesis, the op note appears to describe this procedure.