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    CPT codes requiring referring physician

    Referring physician Hi Friends, I am looking for list of CPT codes or supportive document regarding referring physician requirement on Part-B claims.
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    Preventive examination.

    Hi Friends, Can PCP performs "Preventive (AWV) visit" in nursing home. Kindly share any supportive web link. :cool::)
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    CPMA CEU's

    Hi Everybody, Please guide how will we get free CEU's (AAPC approved) to maintain CPMA certification. Appreciate help.....
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    Multiple tendon tear

    840.8 should be correct one.....
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    Help with this EP report

    EP Documentation support's following codes also please check. 93652 93620 +93621 +93622 +93623 +93662 +93462
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    Mohs Surgery - coding for MOHS

    Mohs Need to bill 17311x1 and 17315x1.
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    Placement of access

    Urology. CPT codes should be 50384, 77002-26, 59
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    CPT code 20610

    Joint Injection or Arthrocentasis? We are not clear on your question the procedure was arthrocentasis or Joint Injection? If its joint injection then you can bill "J" code with procedure code.
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    aortic valve replacement

    Icd coding ICD codes should be 996.02, 990 and v43.3. Others also share there views.
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    CPT code 76645 and 76942

    Ultrasound Only 76942............
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    e/m and multiple injections.

    joint injection with E/M As per your Quote, need to supportive evidence or work for other problems with Joint injection procedure to justify the separate level of e/m code then we need to code level of service with mod-25 if we unable to prove separate work of physician then we need to code and...
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    Duplicate CPC Certificate

    Duplicateeeeeeeeeeee Hey prithvi, your previous means original with anyone company or you not still received original. I thought it may be with your company that's your original please check with your companies account department.;):confused::p:eek:
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    Can you bill 76831 & 58340 together?

    ob Its entirely depends of how physician documented the services.
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    Wound Care: Dermagraft re-application

    Dermagraft Bill re-application of dermagraft by using 15365-58 it's correct...
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    G0008 & G0009 Modifier with 90471??

    vaccination. Need to bill with GA modifier with "G" CPT codes bcz 90471 is mutually exclusive with G codes as per medicare.