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    Modifier 25 -vs- 59

    Modifier -25 Thank you Helen.
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    Modifier 25 -vs- 59

    I am a little confused on these two modiers. I read the definitions but i want to know if mofier 25 is only used for e/m codes and modier 59 is for non e/m service. If you know the answer; please help:)
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    New Job

    I finally started working in the medical field after my hard work in school and dealing with the bad ecomony. I am workling for a small clinic in Yuma, AZ coding superbills and entering them into the NextGen software program. I finally feel that it was all worth it. If you are still searching...
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    No Coding Jobs for inexperienced Coders

    No Coding Jobs I have been volunteering my time and effort to two major hospital in the AZ. I graduated in July 2009 and was unable to find a job in the medical coding field or medical record area. I started to volunteer and have learned the medical records background as well as front office...
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    Taking exam second time

    Second time around Hey Welcome, I took the exam in August and failed but, I am ready to retake it on October 2nd. I feel confident that I will pass this time. My weakness areas are E/M and HCPCS Codes. I have been reviewing the guidelines for E/M. I feel that this time I will pass it. Good...
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    1st Coding job

    Hey susan, the way i started in the field was by volunteering in the hims department in the hospital as a medical records clerk. I am hoping to get hired as a biller with them soon. Ep
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    Cpc exam - what to expect

    Cpc exam Hello Susan 214. I just took my exam on 8/22 and found it to be a fairly hard but I would suggest that you can look at a code that fits the details of the report. What I did was just look up one code and if it fit the question that is the one I went with. I know this was propably not...
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    Cpc exam - what to expect

    Thank you I love the way this issue is being discussed. I am learning so much just by writting treads. I am so glad I am finally taking the CPC. I will take all this information and use it to my advantage. Once again thank you. ep
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    looking for coding/billing position

    With all of your credentials you still have a hard time locating work? If your having a hard time imagine me as a new graduate. Keep trying. Good luck, ep
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    1-2 years of experience

    Hello All, I just graduated from a billing and coding program and I am searching for work in the field but many companies need applicants with experience. How did any of you get started and where did you start looking. I have tried temp agencies but they advise me of the same thing. I...
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    Cpc exam - what to expect

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I will let you know how it turns out.
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    Cpc exam - what to expect

    I am taking my CPC exam on August 22nd and need some pointers on what to study for and what to expect. Any suggestion will be appreciate. Many Thanks, Eddie
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    entry level postions

    Hi there, I am in the same position you are in and I am not able to get anyone to look at my reume. I recently applyed for a EHR position and they advise me that I needed more experience. How am I going have experience when I just finished the Medical Billing and Coding program. I am about to...