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    Question Glucose Tolerance Test

    Hi, I need help on this. Not sure if I am overthinking this. Pt in endo office for OGTT, fasted overnight. IV started, baseline growth hormone and glucose drawn. Glucose drink given, glucose and grown hormone levels drawn 10 min later then drawn again at 30, 60, 90 and 120min after oral...
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    ACTH stimulation test

    We are administering the Cosyntropin via IV then drawing blood at intervals. Pt is with the IV in our provider office for 1 hour. The blood is sent to a lab for testing. The Cosyntropin is supplied thru Specialty Pharmacy. For my provider's part of the billing....96374 just doesn't seem...
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    Dx and symptom

    Multiple Sclerosis From what I read on AAN (American Academy of Neurology)-numbness, tingling and tremors are associated symptoms with MS. So, according to this you would not code the symptoms in addition to the MS. If you find something different, I'd like to know as its hard to find a lot...
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    Please help, quick question!!

    90806 I think your answer lays in the description of the code: 90806-Individual Psychotherapy, insight or oriented, hehavior modifying and/or supportive, in an office or outpatient facility, approximately 45 to 50 minutes face-to-face with the patient. Hope this helps.