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    Ureter cath during general surgeron

    I don't know what provider you are talking about when you say "the same provider" - Do you mean the Urologist or the general surgeon? If the Uro is only inserting then temporary stent then it is a billable event, if the general surgeon is inserting the temp. stent during the course of a larger...
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    Diagnostic Ultra Sound

    Not a chance... nope, not at all, no way. In order to bill for a diagnostic US the physician would have to document the diagnostic results of the ultrasound, including but not limited to - prostate density, volume and measurements, seminal vesicles, median lobe size/protrusion, hypoechoic...
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    Looposcopy & Loopogram

    I would use CPT code 44380, Ileoscopy, through stoma; diagnostic, including collection of specimen(s) by brushing or washing, when performed (separate procedure). CPT 52000\52005 are inaccurate because they reference urethroscopy and cystoscopy, both of which are not performed. 74425 would still...
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    Help! Post void residual done without ultrasound?

    Wow..... You were led down the wrong path.... and you should not use 51798 if you are not using a PVR machine. As mentioned previously, the code description states specifically that this is done by ultrasound scanner, and you're not using one so how would this code be appropriate? I'm shocked...
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    Resection of prostate....Please help

    TURP vs. PVP (52601 vs. 52648) The procedure described in your op note is a TransUrethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), coded with 52601 (if this is the patient's first TURP) or 52630 (If the patient has had a previous TURP). The key documentation elements to watch when selecting this CPT...
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    can you bill for urodynamic testing perform by MA or RN, but interpreted by a MD

    Per the American Urologic Association: "Urodynamics can be performed by non-physician practitioners such as physician assistants, nurse, or medical technician. However, billing for these services requires direct supervision, which means that the billing physician must be present in the office...
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    54235 vs 54200

    He's just doing anesthesia, it doesn't matter how deep he goes into the penis, it is still just anesthesia, which is bundled into the procedure. This would definitely be called "abuse" or upcoding if noticed by an insurance company.
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    ICD-10 coding

    are we playing "fill in the blank" and I missed something.....or is this supposed to be a request for help? Just saying, if you want help, it might be helpful to actually ask...
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    Is it 51 or 59?

    To piggyback off what King said, these modifiers are very different and are used for different but sometimes overlapping situations. Modifier 51 is used on all surgery/medicine codes billed in addition to the main procedure. For example, if my doctor performed a lap. radical prostatectomy as...
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    Modifier 50

    without an op note it is hard to assign the correct CPT code, but the one you selected does allow for Modifier 50 to be used. If the scenario is truly a straight forward bilateral FB removal, then you would be correct to either 1.) add modifier 50 or 2.) bill the same CPT code on two claim lines...
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    Modifier for HT Revision

    58 is for a staged (planned) return to the OR. Since you had device failure (which I can only assume was not the plan:)) this would not be a planned secondary procedure. 76 is when a physician has to perform the same procedure, during the global period of the original procedure. It sounds like...
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    MUSE suppository code?! Please help!!

    Muse is supposed to be self administered so, to my knowledge, there is no CPT code for it's insertion. If the physician is performing the insertion to demonstrate this to the pateint, then consider documenting and billing an office visit. If it is performed by a nurse/MA then you may have to...
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    PCNL with nephrostogram

    Correct on all accounts. Thanks for filling in what I missed JEYCPC!
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    radical nephrectomy

    Agree with JEYCPC, this is a separate anatomic location for two procedures that are usually not performed in the same operative setting. Since you didn't provide exact CPT code is is hard to give a more exact answer, but I hope you get the answer you're looking for.
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    Nephrectomy help

    The long, lay description for CPT code 50220 (according to EncoderPro for Payers) states "The physician removes the kidney and upper ureter, but does not remove the adrenal gland, surrounding fatty tissue, or Gerota's fascia.". since your physician removed the kidney "intact within the gerotas...