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    Open knee Anterior Lateral Ligament CPT Code

    I have a doctor who is doing the ALL reconstruction with revision ACL reconstruction and medial meniscus repair. I know the codes are 29888 27427 and 29882 my problem is I do not have a diagnosis for the ALL. My doctor told me that when you do a revision ACL that it is now suggested that you...
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    Is anyone out there using SRS as their EMR? My office manager would like to talk with someone who is using this. Thanks Lisa Liberty Orthopedics
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    hip scopes

    Does anyone out there have a doctor that does a lot of hip scopes? I have a doctor who has recently started doing hip arthroscopies with resection of bursa, windowing of the iliotibial band and debridement of trochanteric bone. I know this is an unlisted procedure just trying to come up with...
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    can you bill 27427 more than once on the same knee

    My Dr did open reconstruction of the lateral collateral ligament, posterolateral corner, and proximal tibiofibular ligament. He is wanting to bill this times 3 and I am not sure 27427 can be billed more than one time per knee???? If I can only bill once would a 22 modifier be correct?? Thanks...
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    when to bill an inpatient discharge

    so if they are scheduled for inpatient surgery then only charge for the surgery not admit or discharge correct??? That is how I have been doing it. Thanks for your response lisa
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    when to bill an inpatient discharge

    Can someone please help me!!! I need to know when it would be appropriate for an ortho surgeon to bill for an inpatient discharge. For instance when we admit someone for surgery I have not been billing for discharge as I was told we should not. But what if pt comes in through emergency room...
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    Open reduction dilocated TKA w polyethylene exchange

    Need some help with this surgery. Op report says "Full thickness skin flaps were elevated. At this point, because of the deficient extensor mechanism, the dislocated knee was easily noted. The articular surface was still within the rod of the constrained knee. The appropriate screw was then...
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    need help w e/m dictation

    Below is what the doctor dictated and is wanting to charge a 99212. There is no exam dictated. I know you have to meet 2 out of 3 for the level, but do you need some kind of exam for this visit to be billed at all??? This patient is not doing any good with her right ankle. It persists with...
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    comparable x rays

    Does anyone out there have any thoughts/advice on billing comparable x rays? For instance I have a Dr who likes to get bilateral wrist x rays for instability (LT wrist is having problems but wants to see how the RT compares). DO you bill for these or not? I have recieved conflicting info and...
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    Margie vaught

    Her email address is Lisa CPC Liberty Orthopedics
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    ankle surgery - Dr did an open cartilage transplantation

    Dr did an open cartilage transplantation with medial malleolar osteotomy and repair of peroneus tendon. Diagnosis is osteochondritis desiccans lesion LT ankle as well as peroneus brevis tendon tear. Op report reads, medial malleolar osteotomy was then carried out through an open medial...
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    rotator cuff repair help??

    Threre are 4 parts to an acromioplasty 3 out of the 4 are included in a rotator cuff repair the one that is not is the bony work on the acromion. As long as you can support that there was bony wrk done you can bill it with the rotator cuff repair. Hope this helps!:) Lisa
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    ORIF os acromiale

    Does anyone know the code for an ORIF of an os acromiale??? PT also had arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and subacromial decompression. So also wondering if the decompression would be included in the ORIF of the os acromiale? Thanks Lisa
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    need help w op report for a foot

    what about the pinning of the 2nd toe and the lengthening of the extensor digitorum? thanks lisa
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    need help w op report for a foot

    My doctor says he did an arthrodesis of 1st metatarsophalangeal joint, extensor tendon lengthening of extensor hallucis longus, as well as the extensor digitorum to the 2nd toe and pinning of 2nd metatarsophalangeal joint. I have 28750 for the arthrodesis but I am not sure about the tendon...