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  • Shame they don't tell you your weaknesses...how else are you supposed to improve?
    I'll give the exam a shot in the next 3 months. As I don't yet do any anesthesia coding I know it will be a struggle.
    Thanks for the cheat sheets...they'll be very useful in the real world.
    Erika.Sorry for the delay in replying. I hardly ever check my private messages.
    Anyway, my advice. Read through the op reports quickly and highlight important/relevant words such as "mesh" in a hernia repair report. This may not be mentioned in the summary but can affect the CPT for the procedure. If you have to allocate the anesthesia code only then little details aren't as important as the anasthesia codes are much more of a generalization. I'm sitting for the CANPC soon so this is how I'm studying. For the CPC I did the same...quick read, important words etc. etc, although, as I said originally, I spent too much time on the first questions because I didn't follow my own rules!
    How close did you come when you took the CANPC and did they tell you what your weaknesses were?
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