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    2013 changes

    Me too please? Thanks!
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    Co-Surgeons and PA Assist

    Hi, I have a unique situation....... A Physician (whom I work for) did a co-surgery with another physician and our PA also assisted. Can I bill out for the PA also with the AS modifier? Both physicians will be billing out with -62 modifiers: 63047 22830 22852 20937 Can I bill these also...
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    medicare preventive exam

    I would also like a copy of it please Thank you!
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    CRNA billing - New Mexico

    I had to do some CRNA billing once for an ASC and from what I remember (been a few years) is it has to be physician supervised but beyond that the codes are the same and you used a special modifier to show it was physician supervised. Of course, the CRNA has to be licensed in NM.
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    opening a medical billing company

    If anyone has any specific questions that I can assist with please email me Its easier and much faster to email than to have to log into the forum (the server is a bit slow). Thanks, Eric
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    Best Ophthalmology coding book

    The AAO makes a great book. I believe it is called the coding coach or something like that.
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    Did he have any type of vision loss because of the headache? If so, you can use sudden vision loss. If no vision loss, we have just used the V code and if it is denied the patient must pay.
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    opening a medical billing company

    Hi Everyone, Since we are in holiday week my time is very limited. Will be out at client offices and then with the kids. I will be around more next week and will be more than happy to help anyone that I can. I apologize to have to do this. Eric
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    opening a medical billing company

    I just sent you an email. Let me know if you received it. I cannot imagine a scenario that any billing person would become obsolete. Even if the EHR generated a billing the doctors I work for are always making mistakes. It would take an Human thinking EHR to catch every type of scenario. If...
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    New Cardiac Cath Coding - Examples

    If that's the case our reimbursement on the above example would be about 250.00 according to 2011 Medicare rates. That's why I assumed we would no longer have to worry about billing the prof comp. The allowable is about 750.00 on the global. Eric
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    New Cardiac Cath Coding - Examples

    Jim, It looks like we will no longer have to use the professional component? How will the hospital bill these out? We are a group practice that does caths in the lab located at the hospital. Eric
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    opening a medical billing company

    I do and you are welcome to PM me your email and I would be more than happy to help you out in any way. Eric
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    2011 Cardiac Cath codes and new billing sheets

    Count me in too if you dont mind Thank you!
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    UDS - Still confused! Help

    Thanks! We have a CLIA Waiver. Does that matter? Sorry I have never dealt with CLIA's before.
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    UDS - Still confused! Help

    Hello Everyone! I have read and read and read everything I can on Urine Drug Screening and I am still totally confused. I recently took over a Pain Management office and need help. Currently it looks like they have tons of UDS in their A/R unpaid. Medicare changed the code on us this year to...