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    Question taxonomy code or specialty code?

    Hi, Does Medicare use the different taxonomy codes to determine whether a subspecialist can bill for a second initial visit, or do they only look at the specialty code? We have an ortho practice with multiple orthopedic subspecialties and different taxonomy codes, but the specialty code is the...
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    icd-10-cm code for vaginal cuff dehiscence post hysterectomy

    What's the best diagnosis for a vaginal cuff rupture/dehiscence? This is about 3 months after hysterectomy, op report says "vaginal cuff open approximately 1 inch with bowel present at the cuff edge.". I keep finding N99.3-vaginal vault prolapse after hysterectomy-- but that doesn't sound right...
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    excision of aneurysmal arteriovenous fistula

    Should this be coded as 35206, 37607, 36821? I feel like this might be more of a revision of the old fistula with creation of a new fistula and that 36832, 36821-59 might be better. The physician excised an aneurysmal radiocephalic fistula, then created a new brachiocephalic fistula...
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    broken end of peritoneal dialysis catheter

    Thanks, that's what I thought. This is a doctor who questions everything, so I wanted an outside opinion.
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    broken end of peritoneal dialysis catheter

    Patient was on peritoneal dialysis, got up to walk, and the connector came out of the end of the tubing. Patient tied a knot in the tubing to prevent leakage, and came to the ED. Per the E/M the peritoneal dialysis catheter is intact, except for the end connector which as come off. The...
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    what place of service code to use for in-house credentialed sleep lab?

    Te practice has a credentialed sleep lab in office, and they are performing monitored polysomnography. They are getting many denials for POS when 95810 & 95811 are submitted with POS 11. The lab is not affiliated with a hospital, but it is under the direction and control of a physician. Is...
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    cholecystectomy and ICG immunofluorescence

    I code for a general surgery group, and two of the newer surgeons are using firefly on all their laparoscopic cholecystectomies. I'm having a hard time deciding how--or if--this should be coded. Their reports don't mention intraoperative cholangiography, and they don't explain the procedure...
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    medicare and unlisted codes

    Does anyone know what CMS and Noridian mean when they say 'concise description? Do they have something specific in mind like a cpt short descriptor, or is it okay to say "compare 37799 to 37765-RT, 4 stab incisions made"? (just an example) Also, do you find that it's necessary to send the...
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    is there a diagnosis code for this situation?

    The patient came to ED with right upper extremity pain and numbness. Oatient was found to have a right brachial artery thrombus. Patient has a history of atrial fibrillation and has been taking Eliquis, but stopped one week ago due to a change in insurance. There are codes for intentional and...
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    Stab Phelebectomy

    37765-RT, 37799-LT; compare 37799 to 37765-LT, and give the number of incisions used in the left leg. 37765-50 would not be appropriate unless there were 10-20 stab phlebectomies done per leg. In your second scenario, use 37799, compare it to 37765-50, and give the number of incisions used in...
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    billing 36901 and 36832 together?

    Is this enough to justify billing 36901 as diagnostic? Patient has a non-maturing AVG. there is significant tortuosity of the cephalic vein, as well as a branch point. Both the main cephalic vein and the accessory cephalic vein were tortuous; the main cephalic was also small and atretic higher...
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    modifiers for 19301 & 38525, separate incisions

    My surgeons frequently perform the lumpectomy and SLNB through separate incisions. There are no CCI edits for these two codes. Would you use a -51 or a -59 on 38525? Have you found that different insurances have different requirements? I've been using -59 without issues, and I think I started...
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    use 75630 & 75774 or use 75625 & 75710?

    This physician is new to the group and I'm still adjusting to his dictation. Per the report, these were diagnostic, and he did perform 37226 & 37220 as a result of the findings. He selected codes are 37226, 37220, 75716, 75710, 76937, and G0269. I think 75630 & 75774 since it sounds as if he...
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    35571 with 76998?

    I know that 35571--Bypass graft, with vein; popliteal-tibial, -peroneal artery or other distal vessels--includes saphenous vein harvesting. My doctor used ultrasound to mark the GSV for harvesting. NCCI says 76998 is a component of 35571. I suspect that applies even when it's used indirectly...
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    Mastectomy coding

    Teresa, based on the report, there was no blue dye injected by the surgeon, only the radioactive tracer injected by radiology. The surgeon did use the Gamma probe to map the radioactive tracer. I believe the question is, can 38900 be used when the surgeon only uses a gamma probe for mapping...