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  • Hi Freda, We have a new surgeon at our plastics office. He performs DIEP Flaps. How do I bill these? I am getting conflicting information cpt 19364 vs hcpcs S2068. Thank you, Barbara Keel, CPC Coastal Empire Plastic Surgery
    General surgery: What modifiers i can use? Same patient
    1st: Sx 9/21/09
    49565 hernia rep 49568 w/ mesh
    2nd: Sx 11/03/09
    44140 colectomy w/ anas 43633 gastrectomy w/ roe y recons 44005 loa
    3rd: Sx 11/11/09 44140 43622
    4th: Sx 11/17/09 43840 gastrorrhaphy 97605 w/vac
    5th: Sx 11/19/09 44140 rt hemicolectomy 43840 97605
    6th: Sx 11/23/09 44125 14000 49568 97605
    let me know. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks maira
    Hi Freda
    I need some help on how to bill Home Health codes for general surgery. Is the initial certification bill with G0180 for 60 days and the G0179 for 59 days. I look in the Medicare web site to see if they have a manual for home health and it is a nightmare.

    Can you helpt me in this matter?
    Thank you
    Hi Freda

    I glad you provide me with this information. Thank you for taking the time and do some research on this subject.

    I will be in contact, if I have any quesitons
    Hi Freda
    I work with a General Surgeon since consults codes are no longer use I have a couple of questions.
    1. Will the use of modifier AI get a higher reibursement if our Dr. is the attending or admitting physician?
    2. Do we have to send a consult note to the primary or referring physician?
    Maira Patterson,CPC RMM
    Billing Manger
    No, he just wants to bill under the physician's number for everything. He wants to do this for new patients, consults, and new problems. I'm ok with him doing that for established patients and problems.
    I am a consultant. I have been challanged by a physician to find three auditors who oppose his interpretation of the incident to rules and agree with mine. I would appreciate your response and time.

    This neurosurgeon believes that his PA is providing an incident to service when he, the PA, provides the internal medicine work up prior to the physician coming into the room to work up the focused portion of the visit.

    I told him that I could not define a service provided prior to his service as incidental or integral. He disagreed. I am of the opinion that new problems may be documented by the physician on established patients and the established problems documented by the PA and that all may be billed as incident to.

    Do you mind opining on the two opinions above?

    I appreciate your help.

    Valerie Rock, CPC, ACS-EM
    Atlanta GA
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