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  • Wow, why did he re-admit? Just because he was homeless is not a reason to admit to hospital. I don't see how they can charge the insurance, as there is no medical necessity there. If they bill, it will be to the patient, but I would be a little leery of that also. Man, that's a tough one. Let me see what I can find and will get back with you.
    Hey so sorry that I did not respond to your questions. I had back surgery and have been off of the internet for a while.
    If your Doc did the H&P and the face to face, I would do the 9922_. The documentation clearly states who did the admit.
    Sounds like you are stuck with a subsequent care day code. If your provider did enough to cover an admission you should be able to bill 99233.
    Not to my knowledge. Only one gets to do the admit, usually the one who sees the patient face to face on the date of service and does the H & P. Only one will do the H & P.
    Same provider? No, both codes are per day so they cover all services by the provider that billed them for that date of service unless you get into critical care.
    Hi Gemini18! yes, you are correct, i actually had to look up both of these codes, i wasnt sure on the 041.3 but yes you would code both...hope this helps!
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