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    Question G0416 changing for Medicare

    Has anyone heard anything about Medicare changing back to 88305 instead of G0416 for prostate bx as of April 1, 2019? Thanks
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    description for pathology codes

    Can someone tell me if it is a requirement for pathology codes 88300 thru 88309 to have a description of the type of biopsy in the claim note? We have been adding the claim line note for years (ex liver bx) and now we are wondering if with the ICD 10 system is this still required. Thanks for...
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    correct date of service for pathologists

    Can someone provide where there is documentation to show what the correct date of service is when billing for the professional component of the pathologist? Is the correct date of the service the collected date or the date that they are doing the dictation? Thanks for any help.
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    Help with getting more than 3 units billed for 88342 when billing medicare

    Can anyone offer how to get passed the medically unlikely edits when billing more than 3 units of service for code 88342. We have tried to add 59 modifier to the units over 3 and entering claims comments along with sending the dictation to support medicial necessity but were are still getting...
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    diabetic shoes

    Can a podiatrist bill a separate visit for the sizing of A5500 prior to ordering the shoes or is this included in the reimbursement for the code? Does fitting in the description mean before and after?
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    93017 billed with 96372

    I do coding for a radiology group that bills for the tracing only of a stress test 93017 can we bill for the administration of the pharmacological injection? 96372 59 Is there any documation that supports the answer??? Thanks
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    Discharge & Readmission same DOS

    admit and discharge to a different facility on the same day Does any one know what should be billed if the same physician admits and pt and on the same day discharges the pt to a different facility? Thanks