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    Need Help with Coding Debridement

    Hi! Need help coding the following: Sharp Debridement of Stage 4 Sacral Decub.Ulcer Pt was in the Lt Lateral decubitus position. Given IV General. Sacra area steriley prepped and draped. 100 sq cm sacral decub.ulcer was sharply debrided of necrotic eschar. There was also necrotic muscle and...
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    Help With Coding Exc of Skin lesion with Full Thickness skin graft & Layered closure

    Help With Coding Exc of Skin lesion with Full Thickness skin graft & Layered closure Hi everyone! Just wondering if its appropriate to use the following codes: Excision of 3 Cm Leison Squamous cell ca of lt hand CPT 11623 with 8 cm layered closure CPT 12044 with 59 and Full...
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    Advancement Flap

    Does CPT 14040 include Excision of lesion? Thank You Hopp
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    Exc Malig Lesion with AT and T advancement flap

    Hi just needed some help with coding and Excison of malignant lesion and AT and T Advancement Flap CPt Manual states that the Flap does not include exc. of the lesion; however when I enter the codes it says disallow for the excision so I did add the 59 modifier and came up with clean claim...
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    Need CPT for RIH Lymph node bx with BB localization US guidance

    Hi Wondering if anyone can help? Trying to get precert for following Rt inguinal Lymph Node Bx with Preop BB Localization with Ultrasound guidance Thanks Deb, CPC
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    Please help with CPT code for Preop BB Localization

    Hi everyone! Trying to get precert for upcoming procedure and wondering if anyone can help me out. Right inguinal Lymph node Biopsy with preop B B localization with ultrasound guidance Thanks Deb, CPC
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    Please Help with Coding of Fulgeration of lesions

    Hi everyone! Wondering if I could help coding the following as Medicare has been denying. How do I code for Destruction of 4 lesions Actinic Keratosis? Thought that it was 17000 then 17003-59 17003-59 17003-59 and 17003-59 They are all different anatomical locations. Any...
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    ICD10 Assessment test

    Preparing for ICD 10 assessment test - Have Faye Brown Book but just wondering if I will need ICD 10 Code book I don't even think they have been released yet Does anyone know?? Deb, CPC
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    ICD10 Proficiency Help?

    ICD10 Proficiency test Help Thank you for your input so you think I would be fine with what I purchased! Deborah, CPC
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    ICD10 Proficiency Help?

    So getting really nervous about exam - Just recently purchased Faye Browns ICD10 Wkbook with answers and wondering how this relates to the AAPC's training and if this would be enough to prepare me for exam! Thanks for any input. Deborah, CPC
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    Help coding Evacuation of thrombosed hemorrhoid

    Just wondering if CPT 46083 is correct code for evacuation of thrombosed hemorrhoid Thanks Deb,CPC
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    Need Help with Coding Laparotomy

    Hi - PLEASE! Need help coding Surgery on the following: Exploratory Laparotomy was done along with Lysis of extensive adhesions and then through a separate incision an incarcerated LIH was performend. Thinking 49507 -LT and appending 22 modifier for the adhesions Not able to code for...
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    Help Coding Punch Biopsies

    Just wondering if I could get help coding the following: Physician performed Punch Bx X 3 in office: 1) Punch Biopsy Left Leg Prior surgical site 2) Punch Biopsy Left Leg Prior surgical site 3) Punch Biopsy Left Leg Prior surgical site (All were of the same lesion) Dx: Scan and changes...
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    Methylene Blue Injection

    HI Just need some help coding the following: Intradermal injection of Methylene Blue for Sentinel Lymph Node Identification Was thinking of CPT 38792 Thanks for any help Deb CPC
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    internal hemorrhoidectomy

    Internal hemorrhoidectomy Check out CPT Code: 46255 Hope this helps Deb, CPC