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    Cdt coding guidelines for facility coding

    CDT code guidelines Thank you for answering. If the patient has 5 strip crowns, 4 metal crowns, and 3 teeth sealed. Is it appropriate to code each individual tooth. in CPT the unlisted code 41899 is used for the entire mouth. Some payors are wanting the D codes. I would like to learn how...
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    Cdt coding guidelines for facility coding

    I looking for a good source for coding the dental codes (ADA CDT) with guidelines on how to use them. Any help is appreciated. - Thank you:)
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    Aborted procedure - I code outpatient visits

    Facility Outpatient coding for this procedure should be code the procedure with the 74 modifier if the patient actually entered the surgery suite and any med given, be sure to include V64.x
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    Holiday Gifts from Physicians~Ethics

    Is accepting Holiday gifts against the AAPC Code of Ethics?
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    Medicare Billing for Hospital Infusions

    Is this a trick question? Inpatient services are paid by DRG weight, the only procedure codes used are ICD-9 four digit procedure codes.
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    What is the pay range for remote coding?

    Remote coding I contract code. I make $27.50 per hour. The remote positions that I have seen also pay at the very least $18.00 per hour
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    Coder Productivity

    Family Medicine E/M What type of volume would a coder be expected to work per hour when only writing in the dx codes on Family Medicine Fee tickets. The coder reads the written diagnosis, adds the ICD-9 code and sends the fee ticket on its way to a posting clerk. No charts to look at. The...
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    Coder Productivity

    production standards for fee tickets What kind of productivity standards are there for fee tickets? The tickets arrive to the coders desk, marked level of service and the diagnosis written out. The only responsibility that the coder has it to add dx codes to the hand written note by the...
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    NAMAS Course

    Excellent Course I took the course this year. Freakin Fantastic! Shannon is a great instructor, very inter-active. Yeah!!!! Problem is now what do I do with the knowledge. My employer really does not care.
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    Coding Hospital Claims?? HELP!!!!

    information see my suggested links on the other thread that you listed this on.
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    Hospital Coding help, PLEASE

    Links for MS-DRG's Official ICD-9 Coding Guidelines ICD-9 Procedure Codes AHIMA information The AHIMA link has additional links. Good Luck
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    New to Coding in Kansas

    KCK Coding I read the job listing in the Kansas City newspaper on Sunday 03/01/09. There were two coding jobs listed., Career Builder etc....
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    CPC vs. CCS

    Hospital coders Rhonda ~ I would like to send you some information. I am not comfortable putting it on a public forum. What are my options?
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    New to Coding in Kansas

    Kansas Jobs What part of Kansas? Are you CPC or CPC-A? What specialty do you have experience in?
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    Additional Coding Certs

    Ccs~cpc-h I also am studying the books for both of these tests. I was told that the CCS is the "masters" of all coding. Why would I want to persue the CPC-H? I did not really have an answer. Regardless of whether I pass each of these exams, if you don't use it you loose it. I am a life...