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    Date of Service

    Can someone point me to where i can find the definition of DATE OF SERVICE I know it has to be defined somewhere but have yet to find it in ICD book, CPT, or CMS. Maybe I have just overlooked it but I really need an official definition. Thanks in advance
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    Aviacode looking for REMOTE Coders

    Jennifer your email address is not working. I have tried several times to get my resume to your company and always get this response: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Have any idea why I am getting this response? My contact info is...
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    Employer Assessment Tests

    remote testing I have had the same issues with this remote testing. Sounds like several of us have applied with the same companies after reading the post. My latest test was from Bonnie and I have yet to hear back from her. This will be the 3rd time I have tested with her only to hear from her...
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    Physical Exam

    No, these are not "incident-to" encounters. These are Medical Assistants some certified some not that are performing Physical Exams on all E/M levels for the mid level providers. 1 Physician's Assistant and 2 NP's. It has always been my uderstanding that the provider has to do the PE. Is...
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    Physical Exam

    Hi guys, Hoping someone can point me to the right place. Our providers do not think they have to perform their on PE's. I know I have read this and was taught in school that MA's and others can take the HPI, PFSH, and even the ROS but the Provider actually has to do the PE. Can someone please...
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    Plantar fasciitis

    Debra, Thank you for your response. Can you give me some idea of what the Provider would need to document? Do they actually have to specify plantar faciitis in the progress notes or treatment plan? I am not used to dealing with this type of documentation from a provider. Thanks
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    Plantar fasciitis

    Hello, Hoping someone can help me with this. We have a chart that the provider did a plantar fascia injection on. In the chart it states foot pain, and worse when walking, then in the progress notes it states "still has mix cramps L foot --ttp over her L facia anterior" can I code plantar...
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    ROS question - Does anyone know CGS Medicare's

    Trailblazer does not accept the "all others negative"
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    Level one F/U

    the time is spent teach the pt how to operate the Tens unit. Does that qualify? Thanks
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    What is my liability

    I recently started a new position in a medical office, but not specifically as the coder or biller and not sure what my exact title is. Anyway, the office uses superbills (charge sheets) and I do get those together and fax the off. Sometimes I do have to pull charts and being a coder I have...
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    Level one F/U

    Question. has anyone billed a level 1 office visit with a Tens F/U. Do I need a -25 modifer? This is for a pain clinic and pt is MCare. This is what it would look like 99211 (25) E0730 Pt is not seen by MD or NP for the Tens F/U. Thanks in advance for the replys. Stacy
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    Downcoding due to Medical Necessity?

    Agree with gkarow. MDM is the driving force for the E/M level. It's great you have a provider that is such a good documentor (not sure thats even a word, lol). I have some that make it tough to even get a level.
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    CPT restricted to certain POS codes

    do some searchs on the OPPS and the PPS payment systems. It's been awhile but I believe this is how I found the information I was looking for with certain CPT codes coupled with POS. Good luck.
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    Is there anyone out there that can help me this type of coding? if so you can email me at with the Title in the Subject line. All help is appreciated and welcomed. thanks
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    601.9 is unspecified prostatitis (prostadynia)