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    Drainage catheter injection

    I need help with this, I have a biliary drainage catheter that was just injected, no other intervention performed. I can't seem to find a code for this. Here is the ope report: A pigtail 14 French drainage catheter is seen along the right lateral abdomen on scout imaging. Numerous internal...
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    Oddly titled report

    So I have a report that is titled as an xray ap+erect+chest 1 view, but it's referencing contrast, so I'm not sure how to proceed. Here's the entire thing: FINDINGS: Scattered small bowel and colon gas. There is an air-fluid level in the stomach. No dilated bowel. No intraperitoneal free air...
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    Basic radiology question, shuntogram S&I

    So I've got a question about shuntograms. My radiologists do the radiological interpretation all the time, but I'm not sure if that's enough to bill 75809. They do not do the injection procedure. Here's an example of the entire report I just received. PROCEDURE: XR SHUNTOGRAM IMAGING HISTORY...
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    Complicated attempt at coil retrieval

    Here is the op note: I haven't seen anything like this before, so I was hoping to get some ideas from all of you. Thanks! Procedure: 1. Bilateral pulmonary angiogram. 2. Attempted coil retrieval TECHNIQUE: A 7 French sheath had been previously placed in the left arm fistula. This was exchanged...
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    Abdominal Aortic Stent Grafting - Number of limbs?

    So I want to just check in with you all on this, and make sure I'm understanding and coding these correctly. Here is an example of a typical report I receive, please give me your opinions on CPT codes and how you determined the number of limbs. It seems like my docs are calling things "limbs"...
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    Mesenteric Angiogram

    This is very helpful information. Thank you! I also discovered Appendix L. I feel a little silly that I didn't know that was there, but it is a huge help. Thanks!
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    Mesenteric Angiogram

    These are still really confusing me! I'm still learning, but I have no resources and have had no training on when to use selective vs. non-selective codes, and which arteries are covered as first, second and third order. I've come a long way since I started working these, but still have a lot to...
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    Removal of cholecystostomy tube

    I cannot find the CPT code for this! Anyone have any ideas? Done by interventional radiologist.
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    attempted declotting of loop graft

    You are my hero for today. Thank you so much! I was struggling on what to do with this.
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    attempted declotting of loop graft

    So here's the report. Any help is appreciated. "The right forearm Gore-Tex loop graft was accessed in both antegrade and retrograde fashion with 21-guage micropuncture needles. The access needles were exchanged over guidewires for short 6 French sheath. Through each sheath, a 5 French Kumpe...
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    Nasal Embolization help

    Thank you so much! That is extremely helpful!
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    Nasal Embolization help

    I am newer at interventional radiology, and I need help with this case. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank-you! "The right groin was prepped and draped in a sterile fashion. Local anesthesia was applied. Under ultrasound guidance, the right common femoral artery was punctured. A short 6...
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    resection arthroplasty with antibiotic bead placement

    I really need help! If anyone can help, I would so much appreciate it!
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    Antibiotic nail placement femoral canal

    I am trying to figure out what the best CPT would be for the antibiotic nail placement into the femoral canal. Op report says: "Antibiotic bead string was identified. Beads were removed in their entriety. Canal was extensively irrigated. An antibiotic nail was mad with a guidewire small...
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    resection arthroplasty with antibiotic bead placement

    This one was new to me, so if anyone can help with CPT, I would appreciate it a ton! "Posterior aspect of hip was exposed by elevation of granulation tissue and transection of short external rotators. Hip capsule was identified and incised in a T fashion. Femoral neck was osteotomized with...