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    CPT 43240- Is removal of Stent included?

    Hi, I was informed that the removal of stents are included in the code for placement of stent. But for some of the procedure (such as 43276), the describes states remove and replacement or even a guideline to state the removal is included in the procedure. One of our GI providers are removing...
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    Documentation for Psych Eval

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any templates or can help me with information on what common documentation can be added for psych evals. A majority of our Psych notes are being drown grade with level 3 due to the lack of HPI elements. I've been researching for different templates but they...
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    Negative Response for HPI Elements

    Hi, I know this question has been asked in the forum but I wanted to see if there was any difference in opinion now. Can we use Negative response for HPI elements? Such as negative for trauma or patient hasn't take any medication. If anyone has any guidelines to support, it would be greatly...
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    Heart Transplant- Donor cardiectomy CPT 33940

    Hello, Does anyone have any information on when to bill Donor cardiectomy (CPT 33940)? My providers are preforming the benchwork and heart transplant and we were recently questioned on why we aren't billing for the Donor cardiectomy. I reviewed some of the op notes and they state harvesting was...
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    Size of Wound??

    Hi, My provider performed a debridement of necrotic tissue on the muscle. He states in his documentation "The wound was noted to be approximately 50 cm in the caudal cranial direction and 25 cm in the anterior posterior direction; however, there was significant undermining both superiorly and...
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    Mitral Clip

    Our provider is coding 33418-Transcatheter mitral valve repair.
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    Mitral Clip

    Hi, Our claim scrubber will not let our claim go without the clinical trail modifier & diagnosis. I reviewed the patient's chart and couldn't locate that the patient was on a clinical trail. Is this a given to add the modifier & diagnosis or is there a website I can check to see if the patient...
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    Sequencing CPT

    Hi, I'm planing to take my General surgery exam soon and was wondering if there is anyway to know how to sequence the CPT without knowing the RVU? I don't think we're allowed to take fee schedule in the exam with us. If anyone has taken the exam, please provide some insight. Thank You
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    Supervised CRNA

    Per Attending, Supervised.
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    Supervised CRNA

    Hi, How should we bill for CRNA that was supervised by the Anesthesiologist for a TEE in 2 Room? It Conscious Sedation (QS) but we also have modifier QK, QX for the CRNA. The Attending is attempting to bill under him but should the CRNA have her name under the service provider and also, what...
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    Sepsis=Critical Care??

    Hi, I need to understand if sepsis= Critical care. If my provider documents sufficiently, with a time statement can sepsis equal critical care? I have a provider whom seems to think so he writes "Patient was septic, met our code sepsis alert guidelines (similar to a STEMI, stroke alert or...
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    DX for Pulmonary Hypertension w/CKD

    Hi everyone, I hopefully have an easy question that I just can't find...... If a patient has Pulmonary hypertension with ESRD, do I code I12.0 and N18.6? I was thinking I27.0 and N18.6. I understand that Pulmonary hypertension is different than regular hypertension but one of our Cardiology...
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    Continuing Intensive Care Service 99477-99480

    Hi, I need some direction with the intensive care code (99477-99480). I've read the guidelines but looking at my provider's notes, it seems like the visits are not meeting them. My question is if the patient is a preterm infant with a low birth weight and the providers are supporting the infants...
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    Mediastinal Washout & Exploration

    Hi, I'm coding an op note for a patient with an open chest which requires daily washout of the chest. What's the best code for Mediastinal washout and exploration? I was looking at CPT 35820-58 but it seems like it doesn't fit. Should I add modifier 52 for reduce services since there weren't any...
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    Swan Ganz vs. Central Line

    Hi, I'm new to Anesthesia and was hoping someone can help me...... My first question is: When you code Anesthesia, is the only document you use to code the Anesthesia record? Or do you use the procedure note from the surgeon? Second Question: What document do I need in order to bill for Swan...