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    Coder Needed

    Medical Coding position ? Columbus, GA - Full time and must have certification and radiology experience would help. If you know anyone interested please pass this on. Email resume to Thank you!
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    Chest Xrays Following CT Guided Lung Biopsy

    I found this in SuperCoder and since I don't know the codes that were used or if the same Dr. interpreted I copied this all for you: Modifier -59, -76, TC, -26, etc. would be used according to documentation. Following is an example of the proper use of modifier -59: A patient has a chest...
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    Rosai–Dorfman disease-Does anyone

    Look into 277.89 that is the closest Dx I could find. Hoping others will respond.
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    Bankart Lesion ICD-9 help!

    Both a Bankart and a SLAP lesion are tears in the superior glenoid labrum of the shoulder. Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same. A SLAP lesion is a tear that occurs above the middle of the socket where the biceps tendon attaches and may involve that tendon. A...
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    help with a dx code

    Definition: The term “adjacent segment disease” had been defined as the development of new clinical symptoms that correspond to radiographic changes adjacent to the level of a previous spinal fusion. The range of patients requiring additional surgery after fusion for adjacent segment disease at...
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    New ICD9 book for 2013

    We haven't received our books yet either since they are just in shipment. You can Google 2013 ICD-9 codes or code changes and get what you need. That is how we always got our list early through CMS. Hope that helps!
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    Complex-Partial Seizure Disorder

    Using the "1" would be poorly controlled which is intractable or uncontrolled or med resistant to control them. Your first guess was correct.
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    Ultrasound first trimester

    It is a very limited study before 14 weeks of gestation. So, if the ultrasound is done at an early part of gestation, it will be truly difficult to document all the features. That is the reason why such situations are categorized to limited, i.e., 76801 with less than 14 weeks gestation. So, it...
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    mammo coding

    No, because when they did the mammo they did not have the result of the ultrasound. The ultrasound was done because of the abnormal mammo with Dx code of 793.80 correct?
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    E/m and modifier 25

    The definition of modifier 25—significant, separately identifiable evaluation and management service by the same physician on the same day of the procedure or other service—was clarified in 2008. This will clarify it for you: Modifier 25 is used to indicate that, on the day a procedure or...
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    Procedure & Anesthesia billing for different providers, same group

    What are the actual CPT codes used?
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    coding radiology reports

    I would think that you would only use the report result when you are coding the procedure, unless the assessment from the physician includes it.
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    New icd-10 cm chapter!

    That was funny!!!!
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    EEG Coding

    What surgery is this required for? Not an endarterectomy?
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    Billing Video EEGs

    Look at the 95953 for unattended of a portable EEG.