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    26990 or 26991

    I would actually choose neither codes and would recommend CPT code 27030 in their stead. Capsulotomy was performed, which meant that the joint was entered and arthrotomy was performed.
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    Career opportunities I can branch out to with medical coding

    Hello everyone, Out of curiosity, what are other career options I can branch out to with experience in medical coding? I know auditing, compliance, teaching & management are options but are there any other ones I don't know about?
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    Endoscopic nasal foreign body removal

    Anyone know what the answer is??
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    Endoscopic nasal foreign body removal

    Hi all, I'm unsure as to what to code for this report: "After informed consent was obtained, the patient was brought to the operating room and placed supine on the operating table. General anesthesia was administered by the anesthesiologist. After a time out was performed and the patient was...
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    How to advance career-wise?

    I am currently a physician's medical coder for a large hospital's medical group. I am making good money but I am curious as to how I can advance career-wise. I want a job that is unambiguous (i.e. not a lot of people know what medical coding is but we all know what a manager, director or lawyer...
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    Salary Survey

    Out of curiosity, I want to find out how much you're all earning, where you're currently located (state or country), years of experience, position you're holding and the facility type.
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    31528 vs 31529 documentation guidelines.

    Hello, What is the difference between 31528 & 31529? When does a dilation make it initial or subsequent? For instance, is it initial if it's the first time there was a dilation? Is it subsequent dilation for the rest of dilations done?
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    Myringotomy tube removal and expression of pus from the same ear. HELP!!

    I am very confused about a report I currently have. My doctor performed cerumen removal on the left side. On the right side, he performed ventilating tube removal and then expressed pus from the posterior earlobe. How would the codes look like? I am thinking either 1,2 or 3: 69000, 69424-59...
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    HELP!! Esophagus foreign body removal using laryngoscope. What to code?

    Hi, I am coming across several reports wherein there is a foreign body in the esophagus. However, instead of using a rigid esophagoscope, the physician is using a laryngoscope and a telescope. What code should be coded? 43194 - Esophagoscopy, rigid, transoral; with removal of foreign body(s)...
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    Advice on how to reach a $100k/year salary. PLEASE HELP!

    Even clinical documentation specialists who are registered nurses?
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    Medical Coders who make $100k/year, how did you do it?

    When answering, kindly itemize the following as well: 1. Experience in the field 2. Location 3. Type of facility 4. Credentials Thank you!
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    Advice on how to reach a $100k/year salary. PLEASE HELP!

    I've heard that RN coders in another renowned hospital in my area make around $80/hr.
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    Advice on how to reach a $100k/year salary. PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone! I am a CPC and I just got a job as an outpatient medical coder for a renowned hospital in an area where I am in. I am currently handling ENT, neurosurgery as well as some radiology (X ray and nuclear medicine). I can say that I am quite adept at it. Right now, I have about 3...