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    Point of clarification please? Are coders obligated to use fracture care codes when they apply or is it an acceptable option for offices to choose E/M billing over closed fracture care w/o manipulation codes because the “sum of the relative value...
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    I've just started with a new orthopedic practice with an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. I have a question regarding the services he provides at the hospital. I will be submitting claims for the surgeries he performs...
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    The fracture codes are to be billed for the overall "90 day" treatment of the fracture. So if the ER just put the patient in a splint and referred them to an orthopedic - then yes you should bill the fracture code because your doctor is creating...
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    We need more information to be able to answer this. Was the provider that saw the patient in the ER in the same group as the in-office provider? Did the first provider bill fracture care? If they are separate groups such as ER physician and...
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    If patient seen in ER on 06/12/19 and they are dx w/xrays w/a fracture and given a splint, do we code w/just the E/M visit when they come in office on 06/13/19 or also code with the fracture care code and if so what modifier. If with the fracture...