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    fracture care

    Point of clarification please? Are coders obligated to use fracture care codes when they apply or is it an acceptable option for offices to choose E/M billing over closed fracture care w/o manipulation codes because the “sum of the relative value units (RVUs) for the multiple visits is typically...
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    fracture care

    If patient seen in ER on 06/12/19 and they are dx w/xrays w/a fracture and given a splint, do we code w/just the E/M visit when they come in office on 06/13/19 or also code with the fracture care code and if so what modifier. If with the fracture care code, what code would that be
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    right index/finger/middle finger/ring finger debridement

    I was hoping someone could assist me in coding this case, I am unable to find where debridement is for the fingers, thank you Right index, middle, ring finger mucous cysts with distal interphalangeal joint arthritis. Plan: We are going to debride the distal interphalangeal joint index, middle...
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    New to Ortho coding

    Thank you!!
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    New to Ortho coding

    Hello, I have just accepted a position into the ortho specialty and was wondering if you could share you best resources with me to assist me in getting started. thank you so much
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    Hello, does anyone know how often this can be billed and/or the frequency for Medicare. I was unable to locate this in the guidelines. Thank you
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    Practicode Access

    Login page Go to your purchased items and click on it from there. This should take you to the login page