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  • I'm doing OK. If I may be curious, which Cancer Center are you working for? I am also in an Oncology Hospital, that's why I'm curious.
    I love working in compliance - never a dull moment, esp. if you think you figured it all out.
    This website seems to have issues. Today I am trying to search for something - I have a hospice issue to research, but I cannot get into the search function. It only goes to "selected" pages. Very annoying, but what can we do. I think it is the AAPC website itself, rather than individual computers.
    Have fun in compliance... and have a nice weekend!
    I"m liking it so far... I wasn't sure in the beginning because it just felt like alot to learn and I"m so anal I felt like I needed to know it within days? My co-workers are very nice, friendly and very helpful as well. I"m having to learn about oncology which is my main job working for the Cancer Center e/m documentation. I had to learn about teaching physician rules, sharpen up on shared visit rules as well.

    So far so good!

    How are things going with you?

    For some reason I have issues gettin on the site when I'm at work, I had the IT dept check into it but haven't had much luck... it's like it gets stuck on a page, then I freeze up!
    Hey there...

    I've finally gotten a position in compliance... I am so excited, although I will miss the company I currently work for. I will be doing e/m coding & compliance which is right up my alley... I'm a bit nervous but am so ready for this...
    The Compliance job was just posted yesterday, I have an interview with the Compliance Officer on Tuesday who is actually already my boss!

    Wish me luck!

    The Compliance job still has not "come up yet". I just received an email from one of the girls that they have decided to make it a full-time position. Originally was going to be part time. I was told to "get my resume ready".

    Just playing the waiting game. Thanks for asking.

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to say I've read some of your posts and I agree with alot of what you write... I noticed your in compliance... just where I am trying to get to with my company... a position is to be opening up very soon.

    Have you thought about taking the CEMC since your specialty is e/m.
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