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    knee help needed

    Would 29881-59 & 27331 be appropriate? INDICATIONS FOR PROCEDURE: The patient is a 23 year old female who has been having some right knee pain for the past several months. An MRI did not reveal any significant intraarticular damage; however, she had persistent in an area over the lateral aspect...
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    CPC, COSC...what's next? :)

    I'm looking at adding to my certifications and am trying to decide if I want to pursue the CPCO or the CPMA credential Which do you think will open more doors? I believe the salary study showed that compliance pays better… What are your thoughts?
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    Code 0232T

    Every insurance I've researched considers PRP (0232T) experimental and does not reimburse. You should get an ABN from the patient so you can bill them after the denial.
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    New Versus Est Pts

    If you're billing under the same tax ID, then yes, if seen by the other practice in the last 3 years they would be established.
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    PRP injection 02032T

    I would say you can only bill once since the code description states injection(s).
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    Perc. repair Achilles tendon w/PRP

    Wikipedia: Barbotage is a medical procedure that involves the repeated injection and aspiration of a fluid. 20605 & 0232T? or 27899 (unlisted procedure, leg or ankle) & 0232T?
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    Perc. repair Achilles tendon w/PRP

    Which body part are we talking about?
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    open thumb release

    CCI bundles 26440 into 26145. I would just bill 26145.
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    22554 with 63075

    I would say they both report 22551 with modifier 62.
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    knee coding

    Remember, you can only bill for the loose body removal if the loose body is greater than 5 mm.
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    E/M During Global Period

    I would go ahead and bill with a -24 on the E&M and a -79 on the injection.
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    Orthopaedic/Fracture Care

    When I was billing for an Urgent Care, we never billed the fracture care codes, just the cast/splint codes. The patients were then referred to a specialist for proper fracture care.
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    E/M During Global Period

    If the surgery was performed due to the arthritis and the injection was given for the same issue, yes you are correct you can only bill for the injection & drugs. Make sure you add a modifier 58 on the injection since you are within the global period. If this is Medicare, you can only bill the...
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    Help with shoulder surgery

    I would code as 29807 29820 If you are more comfortable with 29807 & 29822, you need to remove the mod 59. CCI does not bundle these procedures. Hope that helps!
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    Please help! Scoliosis Segmented Spine Sx

    When coding spine surgeries always look for and code when appropriate the following: Decompression Arthrodesis Instrumentation Bone Graft Possible others: Microdissection (69990) Navigation (61795)