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    Premade Template Guidelines

    I've got a provider that has built templates for specific insurances. While templates aren't a bad thing, the way these are built are greatly concerning. The template looks like a complete document with prebuilt HPI, ROS, Exam, Assessments, and Procedures. Essentially, the visit looks complete...
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    Question When is a pre-built Template taking it too far?

    I have a provider that has a pre-formatted template that looks like the entire note is complete with already generated diagnoses and labs/procedures. Absolutely nothing prompts entry by the provider and it's a complete note with HPI, ROS, Exam and A/P. This is a data integrity issue but I'm not...
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    Question Pharmacist Options - CHC

    Thank you Kristen. I appreciate the input.
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    Question Pharmacist Options - CHC

    I work for an FQHC/CHC and they are trying to catch missed revenue. I know a Pharmacist only encounter is 99211 (nonbillable in our setting). However, if they implement a process where the Pharmacist initiates the visit like a RN would and then leaves the MDM to the provider for completion...