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    Congress to vote on delay March 27, 2014

    Better 'brand' a VETO on this if it does pass the Senate So if we are all ready- why can't we talk to our vendors and CMS and go through with the original deadline since the ones making these decisions have no idea what we have all gone through to get to this level. Who is standing in our...
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    67875 doesn't quite fit

    Provider puts Dermabond adhesive on steri-strips pulled the top eyelid down to the bottom to anchor until patient could be seen later in the week for chronic misdirected eyelashes by his optometrist. Is this going to be unlisted 67999 since no sutures were used? Or is there another CPT that...
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    Share Your Favorite Coding Resources

    This one is great for Anatomy and ICD-9/10 codes too