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    If you go to the top of the page and click under resources there is information about health insurance. You can possibly get a reduced rate with some medical insurance companies if you are an AAPC member.
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    Aerotek - Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Just wanted to point out that the original post is from 2010.
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    Fraud Investigator Salary Inquiry

    No, they are different credentials with different aspects of work... CFE is for fraud CPMA is for auditing.. Many employers do not sponsor you to get more credentials. It is often something we have to do on our own and hope our hard work pays off and our employer takes notice with a better...
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    Fraud Investigator Salary Inquiry

    Are you credentialed as a CFE (certified fraud examiner)?
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    per chart rate

    Depends, is it in-patient, out-patient. E/M or some type of speciality, surgical, cardiology, neurology etc. What is the average page length? Many things to factor in.. :)
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    E&M Coding from Home back log

    I was not referring to Moonriver.. Have a delightful day!
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    What companies outsource for posting payments?

    Honestly, I have never heard of any companies allowing you to post payments remotely. When it comes to payments companies like to keep that in house.
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    Pathology expert needed for Remote project

    This opportunity is no longer available. Thank you.
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    Pathology expert needed for Remote project

    My company Parses is looking for a pathology coding/auditor expert to review a rather large spreadsheet from an insurance company to see if there are any suspect billing trends. Such as suspicious code pairs, unbundling etc... As of now there are 192,000 line items... I usually perform these...
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    What is a Senior Biller????

    Usually it is someone with multiple years experience, a higher pay grade and often times supervises others with less experience.
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    Ingenix remote coding

    I have worked remotely for Ingenix before and it has always been a very pleasant experience. it was not through AIM however.
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    Ingenix/UHC HCC Coding

    I never interviewed with them but I have worked those projects on 2 separate occasions for them. They work closely with my full time employer and have "borrowed" me on occasion to assist.
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    At home jobs

    I have worked out of my home office for the past 3 years. Granted it is very difficult esp with 2 young children however I love it. It takes a lot of discipline as well as a great deal of knowledge of the coding world to be able to do it remotely. It is quite understandable to me when I see...
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    Aviacode input

    I have 2 friends that work for them remotely and both are very pleased.