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    Charge Admit/Discharge On Day Patient Expired

    I have a physician who is charging the Admit code only and the patient expired on the same day they were admitted. Do I charge an Admit or let the provider know that a discharge code needs to be used for this service. Thanks for the help, Bethany K. CPC, CPB
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    Viva Health Claim Denial

    I have a claim where Viva Health is denying due to: diagnosis(es) billed are inappropriate for pos. The given diagnosis for this date of service is: I10,E78.5,E03.9,I63.9,E55.9,J02.9 and R73.09. The patient came in for an office visit and then had a flu shot same day. Why would this claim be...
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    Hospital Charge

    I have a provider who saw a patient in the hospital and charged a discharge visit on 1-3-19 (99239). The patient wasn't officially discharged from the hospital on 1-4-18 and the same provider came back and charged a hospital visit (99232). Do I go ahead and bill out the discharge visit, since...
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    HIV Coding in Alabama

    I have question concerning a patient being seen by the clinic that I work for and the provider is assigning B20. However, this patient is not being treated for the HIV or any related symptoms of the HIV. It states in the chart that the patient is coming in for a follow-up of abdominal pain or...
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    Administration Code Denying for Medicare

    Is anyone out there getting denials from Medicare when a patient comes in for an office visit and has an injection the same day. The office visit gets the modifier 25, but then Medicare is turning around and paying only for the administration (96372...) service and drug and not the office...
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    Updating Patient Information

    Thank you for the clarification.
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    Updating Patient Information

    When a patient comes in at the beginning of the year, is it the right thing to collect the patient's new insurance and updated demographics to scan into the chart? Also, every time the patient comes in after that visit, the front desk should always make sure that policy is still the same and if...
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    Guidance on Coding Podiatry

    I'm new to coding for podiatry. I have a patient come in for an office visit and the provider does two procedures at that same visit. However, there are only two diagnosis codes given for that visit. I would still charge the office visit with a 25 modifier along with the two procedures...
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    Billing Ultrasound Not Done by Delivering Doctor

    I have a patient who had an ultrasound done at a doctor's office before transferring to the delivering doctor. The delivering doctor didn't do an ultrasound once she transferred to that doctor. This is a global package for delivery, anesthesia, office visit and lab work all done by the...
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    CPC Looking for Coding Postition

    At this current time I am a scheduler and have been in this position for over four years. I assist the various medical offices with choosing the correct diagnosis codes to ensure compliance guidelines. My postition as a scheduler has allowed me the opportunity to be exposed to the the fields...
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    CPC-A in Anniston, AL Looking for Externship Volunteer Opportunity

    I am recently Certified Coder-Apprentice looking for an externship opporunity in the surrounding area of Anniston, AL. If any one knows of any medical offices that might be interested, please let me know. Thanks, Khartoum1900nile