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    Robotic S2900

    I know that BCBS Federal plans pay for surgical techniques requiring use of robotic surgical system S2900. Has anyone seen a change as far as reimbursement on the facility side of charges? Claims falling on UB-04's.
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    99211 for chemo teach

    Chemo Coder "Can a chemo teach be charged anything higher than a 99211? (A NP does these.)" I agree with OCD_Coder, "There is no E&M service inclusive to chemo or therapeutic administration codes as the NCCI manual clearly states that it only applies to minor procedures. The global status...
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    ICD 10 Proficencey Assesment?

    Per AAPC Taking the ICD-10 non proctored 75 question exam will not give you additional credentialing. It allows you to keep the credentials you currently hold. If you do not take the exam you will lose all of your credentials.
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    Chemo pre meds

    Pre meds such as Magnesium, Mannitol and Potassium to Cisplatin is billed w/ the V58.11 or V58.12 depending on what you're premedicating to what type of drug. Usually the prophylactic drugs is given to prevent the N&V during the chemo.
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    V67.2 Following chemotherapy

    Is the person between treatments convalescing? V66.2 or is treatments completed and now you're just following up? V67.2 that's the difference. Hope it helps
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    We hardly use the heparin and if we don't we just bill the port flush, heparin hardly ever get's paid. We are now using the cathflo J2997.
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    Portable pump initiation/refill

    I agree w/ daisy3663. This is my understanding as well.
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    Billing 96523....

    Per the AMA CPT guidelines: Do not report 96523 if any other services are provided on the same day. Therefore if other services were performed you need to bill what is the higher in RVU's. I will bill all the admin charges and medications and not the port flush. Hope this helps.
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    How to bill???

    V58.49 vs V58.76 V58.49 is for after care following surgery that would be like changing or removin drains or other after care that does not have a classifiable condition. Since you have a specific dx for the surgery of the underlying condition 616.2 then you would use your V58.76 as your...
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    Coding from home

    You should upload your resume into the HealtheCareers linked into the AAPC :)
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    New CPC-A

    You could post your resume through the Healthecareers which is part of the link that the AAPC offers. Good Luck
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    Question about OB visits and global billing!

    Antepartum visits only are 59425 & 59426 the 59426 is for 7 or more then code your high risk codes diabetes codes for your dx.
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    Have you tried looking at the Cardiology Study Guide offered by the AAPC?
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    19371 billed with 19380

    This isn't a bundling issue unless they think its being done on the same breast.
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    Modifier 59 - injections and admin

    You would only use the -59 modifier if you're doing (2) distinct or independent procedures from other non-E/M services performed on the same day. Your (2) units is just letting them know I did (2) IM injections but if there was not another distinct procedure done on the same day you do not need...