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    final diagnosis coding

    I'm wondering how other facilies are handling these situations. When a patient presents with an elbow injury due to a fall, the physical exam is specific to the elbow, and elbow xray is done, but then the clinicain has a final impression/diagnosis of 924.9, contusion of unspecified sites. Are we...
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    Fracture vs sprain

    I'd interested to know how others handle this scenerio. When a patient presents to the ER and the ER clinician diagnosises visit as a sprain, then after patient leaves, the radiologist views the xray, reads it and diagnosises it as a fracture. What are you putting on the bill for the ER visit...
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    Flu-like symptoms

    If you look under influenza-like disease, it directs you to 487.1
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    Outpatient facility levels

    Is anyone familiar with the Lynx Medical System, specifically the E/point system for facility coding? If you use it, what do you think of the system? Do you find the charging algorithm to be accurate?
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    Accidental Needle Stick

    Now I'm curious, we've always coded V15.85 along with the E code for needle stick. Wondering how many others use the open wound codes as the primary dx?
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    Burn treatment

    I code both the facility and professional charges in our ER. When a patient comes in with burns, it is generally our nursing staff who applies the dressings. My question is, if it is the nursing staff doing the procedure, is it correct or incorrect to allow the clinician to charge as well? My...
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    Nst 59025

    Even if there were a print out from the machine, doesn't there have to be an interpretation from the doc in the form of a dictated note?
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    Nst 59025

    Hi, Is there anyone out there who could help me with documentation guidelines for billing 59025. This is for an NST. Thanks!
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    Icd-9 procedure coding

    I am thinking you mean Volume 3 icd 9 procedure codes? That is a good question! I'd am curious about that too!
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    removal of fish hook from finger

    I agree with PeaPod, if there is no documentation of an incision, we can't code the foreign body removal. We capture the time spend in the E&M level.
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    CPC Exam is tomorrow help needed

    Don't ponder on any one question too long. If you are having trouble, move on to the next one. You can go back and look at those troublesome questions when you've completed the other questions. Good luck to you!!!!!
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    Vunerable adult

    Is anyone aware of a code that can be used when the phycisian indicates "vunerable adult" as one of his final diagnosis? Thanks in advance for any help with this!
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    New coder needs help

    I use this forum quite often and get lots of good information from it. I have to admit I was quite shocked with Preserene's above statement to Brandi. I think it is in terrible taste to talk like that and quite frankly puts a big black mark on any credibility that preserene might think they...
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    Elevated Liver Function Tests

    I'm good with the physician has to document that the liver function test is abnormal to use it as a dx for the encounter. What about on the facility side, if you see the lab as being abnormal, but the doc doesn't use it in his final dx, can you pick it up and use it? Thank you in advance for...
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    Elevated Liver Function Tests

    Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't LFT stand for liver function test? Why wouldn't you code abnormal function study, liver 794.8?