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    Coding for Revision fixation of greater tuberosity

    I need help in coding this surgery. The patient had an initial surgery on 7/6/2018 for open treatment of proximal humeral fracture 23615. Five months later, after global period, she had another surgery by the same surgeon. The procedure performed was hardware removal of multiple screws with...
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    Excision Multiple Exostosis Same Finger

    My surgeon performed the following procedure, excision exostosis right thumb distal phalanx and proximal phalanx. I was wondering if 26210 can be billed twice? There was one incision which was extended. The OP report states: "We started the procedure with transverse incision following the...
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    Physician vs. Facility billing question

    Thank you for your responses. This is what I thought and will be bringing the responses to my supervisors attention. Karen
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    Physician vs. Facility billing question

    We are questioning the difference between how codes are reported for the physician and ambulatory surgical center. The surgical center is not billing 29826 when Medicare is the insurance provider because it is not covered for facilities. Is this the correct way for a facility to bill because we...
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    Coding an inconclusive EEG

    How would you code this EEG? Reason for EEG: History of possible new onset seizures in face of history of bipolar disorder. Clinical Description: This EEG is best characterized by muscle artifact and movement artifact. The patient noted by tech to be grabbing at electrodes and not listening...