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    Professional CPC-A looking for PT Remote Position

    remote As a new coder it will be difficult to become a remote coder. You learn so much when you work with other coders. They don't teach you everything in the classes. Most people will not hire a new coder who wants remote. I would ask what the goals are. Is the volume so many charts per...
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    location Put where you are live in your text
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    CPC-A Looking for Part-time or Full-time/Part-time work at office locally or remote

    location Since you are looking for a local job put where you are located in your text. Some people will not open your resume just to find your city
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    CPC looking for work in Rancho Cucamonga ca area

    San Bernardino job I have an opening in San Bernardino for a certified coder for a large MSO. If you are interested let me know and I will give you more details.
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    fresh out of college and ready to take on an entry level medical billing position

    Where do you live? Where do you live. I have openings in California.
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    Medical Coding Job Markets

    Southern California Experienced HCC coder in Southern California are in demand.
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    CPC-A, Honor Grad - Resume feedback, please

    change order I would put the skills section after work experience and education. You most impressive section goes first.
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    Medical coder

    where do you live Where do you live in California? Please send a resume to
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    Need desperate advice please

    Where are you located? Please state where you are located. Someone may reach out to you. Also mention if you hve been doing a lot of reading, attending webinars etc. A lot has happened in the last few years so unless you have kept up you basically will have to start over.
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    CPC Entry Level

    What state are you in?
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    CPC-A seeking coding experience

    Send your resume and email address to
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    Seeking Entry level CPC position

    What state are you in?
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    Resume advice, please. Thank you

    I say a chronological one and list everything. As a hiring manager I always ask if there are holes.
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    Register Nurse /CPC /Educator

    where are you where are you located?