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    Very frustrated

    Do you have coding experience? I didn't have coding experience and I have been certified since October. I would recommend applying for jobs as medical office assistants or front desk assistants. It may be something you don't want to do but there's a good chance it will lead to a coding job in...
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    I purchased practicode and I was wondering how long it lasts. If we don't complete in a year, do we have to pay again? Thanks!
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    Looking for a Remote Coder Position

    Thank you everyone!! All of your responses were very helpful!
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    Looking for a Remote Coder Position

    Hi everyone! I recently graduated with a bachelors degree from a college in Texas and now I have my CPC-A certification. I'm looking for remote coding jobs for more coding experience. I'm very dedicated and passionate about coding. I have worked in a medical office doing data entry as well...