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    97124 reimbursement

    Massage Credentialing I am not billing under a chiropractor, the massage therapist is on staff in a physical therapy clinic. Blue Cross and Aetna offer coverage for massage in our area so we have two major payors covering massage services. I'm still a bit stymied with both Medicare and Tricare...
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    97124 reimbursement

    97124 Allowed by Medicare Does anyone know why Medicare has an allowed amount on their fee schedule for 97124 if it is a non-covered service? Is this just the amount that you are allowed to balance bill when the proper modifier is used? Thanks!
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    Out of State W/C

    I work at a Physical Therapy clinic in Alaska. We are seeing a patient for a worker's compensation injury that he sustained in Montana. Which reimbursement fee schedule will we be subject to for reimbursement: Alaska or Montana? Ours in Alaska is much higher. Thank You.