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    Question 99053 Extended Hours

    I was asked this question through a friend and thought I could post here. Does a Radiologist have to mention "extended hours" on their report when using 99053 or can the time stamp on the report justify it was performed during extended hours (10pm-8am)?
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    Question Balloon CPT code with cryoablation

    Anyone? Truly need some help with this question.....
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    Question Balloon CPT code with cryoablation

    Is there a charge for hydrodissection or balloon use to displace organs for cryoablation?
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    Looking for Coder on site in Jacksonville.

    Looking for a CPC in Jacksonville area. Radiology and Interventional a plus. Immediate opening. Please respond with resume at
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    Radiologist in room for swallowing function test (74230)

    Does a Radiologist need to be in the room for a swallowing function test (74230)? Thanks, in advance, Linda Bredl
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    Consults dictated under the allotted times.

    Is anyone coding for an inpatient consult where the face-to-face is under the 30 minute mark? The CPT Code book says "typically 30 minutes" and we have never billed them when the doctor dictated face-to-face under that time i.e. 25 minutes. I have recently been told that when it's slightly under...
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    Percutaneous Aspiration of Abscess

    Can anyone advise what 2014 CPT code to use for Percutaneous Aspiration of abscess" where "drainage" is not done. All of the codes I find include drainage.