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    Question Intervention to both native and graft SFA

    Hello! A physician performed atherectomy to the vein graft of the SFA as well as balloon of the native SFA. I lean towards just coding 37225 as it's all the same territory, but I wanted to see if anyone knew of any documentation that supports coding the graft and native separately, like in the...
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    Question CCC Exam

    I missed my anatomical charts when I took it. Good luck to you!
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    Billing Proctored Cases

    Dr. A. is proctoring Dr. K. in abdominal aortic endografts. Based on the dictation, it looks like Dr. K. was the primary operator, but Dr. A was also listed. Would a modifier -62 be the most appropriate in this case, or does the fact that it's a proctored case change things? Thank you! Edit...
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    I'm stuck on this

    Is that the entirety of the report? Where are the catheter placements?
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    Incomplete Ablation

    That was the entirety of the procedure documentation, unfortunately. I can see how 93602 with a -52 would be appropriate. Thank you so much!
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    Incomplete Ablation

    Some help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure what I could bill here. :confused: The access? "Patient was brought back to the EP lab and after informed consent was verified patient was placed under anesthesia. After venous access was obtained a sheath was placed and a Blazer ablation...
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    Coding help with my nemisis Peripheral coding

    37226 Previous angiography is mentioned, so any angiography performed would be road mapping, unless there was something new with the patient. The code includes access and catheter placement, but you might be able to fight for 36140.
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    Aborted Afib Ablation

    That's the direction I'm leaning, but I'm not certain the dictation supports a full EP study. Thanks!
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    Aborted Afib Ablation

    I could use some help on what would be proper to charge, please. Can I even charge 93656-53 if the physician didn't begin ablating? History: Patient with atrial fibrillation on Amiodarone and Multaq who presents for a PVI Pre-Op Diagnosis: Atrial fibrillatio Post-Op Diagnosis: Same...
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    EP Device Clinic

    Hello! Our office has some differences of opinions regarding charges for our ICD/PPM clinic, and I'd value some input. According to the Medcare fee schedule, the technical component of the device checks require direct supervision. Our EP is not always in the office during the device clinic...
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    ICD Lead Revision/Swap

    Hello! I'm stuck on this report and could use some help, please. Patient is a 54 year old male with a history of symptomatic sinus node dysfunction s/p permanent pacemaker in 2007 and ischemic cardiomyopathy s/p upgrade to ICD in 2009. His device was recently interrogated in office after he...
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    Denials on Stents with BCBS

    A specific employer plan in Texas just gave me the same argument. She told me they'd only pay for one a day, and scoffed when I asked for that in writing. She suggested I call the AMA for coding advice. Do you think reporting this to SCAI would help at all? Thanks! Leah
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    Angioplasty to the plantar arch

    I'm wondering if anyone has anything more specific, or if I should just code this as 37228 and 37232. Should the foot be considered part of the tibial territory? "...the posterior tibial artery is diffusely diseased and the plantar arch is diffusely diseased. The andterior tibial artery...
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    Hybrid Coronary Revascularization

    One of our physicians is interested in performing the PCI portion of the hybrid revascularization. I'm trying to determine if it would be charged differently than a normal PCI, as he'd be working in tandem with a surgeon. Any help would be appreciated! Leah