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    Exciting Opportunity at Health First Health Plans

    JCC5 Just click on the link PiedPipers provided and you would have found that the job is most likely located somewhere in Florida.
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    CPC in Los Angeles needs HELP...!

    Hi Brian, I'm sorry that you haven't been able to be hired eventhough you're a CPC. You mentioned being a medical collector, but what other experience have you had? What type of positions have you been interviewed for and been rejected? You shouldn't give up, you did pay good money and hard...
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    help with dx?

    Hi Laurie, Personally, I would not code the SIRS as Sepsis unless the documentation supports Sepsis. I would use the code for SIRS as appropriate for the documentation and the code for Ileitis. I hope this helps,
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    working in another country

    RE:Working in another country Hi Anne Marie, I lived in Canada for 6 years in Niagara Falls, Ontario-I couldn't find a job there even though I had extensive experience in both hospital and physician based billing/coding. Mainly because of their national health care system. They use their own...
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    No Coding Jobs for inexperienced Coders

    So California and Project Xtern I read this entire thread and felt compelled to answer. I work for a large IPA/Medical management company in the low desert and we are a Project Xtern site. Some of you may have called or emailed me. I post using my real name and don't hide behind a cutsey...
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    Workman's Comp Coding

    Pa Wc Hi OhioCoder101, PA is Medicare based for the WC regs and any CPT that is not in the Medicare fee schedule is paid at 80% of reasonable and customary or actual charge whichever is lower.
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    Workman's Comp Coding

    Hi KitKat, I've been coding and auditing WC services in California and 39 other states for a while and can tell you that for California-the website isn't going to help you much. You cannot use the guidelines from another state as they are not the same-no state is the same as another where the...